Jessica Jones Characters: Who is Jessica Jones?


Jessica Jones was first introduced in Alias #1 (2001) written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Michael Gaydos. Alias was the first comic to be published under Marvel’s Max line. The Max line allowed writers to write M rated and explicit content within the Marvel universe.

Jessica Jones has enhanced strength and the power to fly, but she isn’t a superhero. This is a unique circumstance in the Marvel universe because most people who have abilities either become heroes or villains. Jessica instead becomes a private detective.

Alias takes place in a grounded version of the Marvel universe. Jessica comes across cases that deal with the Avengers, mutants, and even Skrulls. These cases involve the amazing, but Jessica is not impressed by the fantastical world she lives in. The normal people Jessica meets are either scared or excited about the world they live in.


In the beginning of the Alias series Jessica is a numb character. Her past is a bit mysterious, but as the series continues we learn more about Jessica’s background. (I will talk more about this in the spoiler section of this article). One of Jessica’s best friends is Carol Danvers. (I think Tess “Hellcat” will play the role Carol did in Alias as a confidant for Jessica.) Giving her Avengers status Carol was able to help Jessica on a few cases.

After the events of Alias Jessica Jones continued her adventures in another ongoing series The Pulse, Young Avengers, and New Avengers. I will talk more about these series in detail in the spoiler section of this article.

Key Comics:

Alias #1-28: (2001-2004) Introduction to Jessica Jones’ character. Learn more about her origins and what type of cases she encounters as a private investigator.

The Pulse #1-14: (2004-2006) The Pulse is a sequel series to Alias. Jessica becomes a staff member of the Daily Bugle.

Young Avengers: (2005-2006) Jessica becomes a mentor to a group of young heroes. Tie-in to the Pulse.

New Avengers Volume 2 #1-34: (2010-2013) Jessica Jones becomes an Avenger.

Character History (Spoilers)


In high school Jessica Jones was involved in a car crash, which killed her parents and gave her super powers. The car crashed into a military convoy holding radioactive chemicals. After the car crash she was in a coma for several months, to Midtown High students she was known as Coma Girl. From the radioactive chemicals Jessica received the power to fly, had super strength, and was somewhat invulnerable.

After Jessica saw a fight between Spider-Man and Sandman she was inspired to become a hero herself. In the beginning of Alias the series only touches upon her days as a hero, and towards the end of the series they have a arc dedicated to her time as Jewel.


During the beginning of her hero career she met Purple Man. Purple Man controlled Jessica up to the point where she didn’t know what actions were her own. Purple Man forced Jessica to go on a mission to kill Daredevil. She goes to the Avengers’ Mansion and causes chaos. Carol Danvers is able to help her. After these events Jessica was taken to Shield and put in a coma for months to undo Purple Man’s mind control.

Subsequent to this, Jessica became numb. This led her into becoming a Private Investigator, the character we were introduced to in the first issue of Alias.

Jones had many cases that intertwined with the heroes of the Marvel universe. She had cases ranging with the involvement of Captain America to Rick Jones. The heroes we see Jessica have the most interaction with in Alias are Luke Cage, Scott Lang, Carol Danvers, and Matt Murdock.


Jessica had a very complicated relationship with Luke Cage. At first they were just sex buddies and then this grew to become something more. Towards the middle of Alias Jessica started to open up a bit more and she started to date Scott Lang AKA Ant Man. Carol set them up on a date. Carol is the closest thing Jessica has to a friend and their friendship becomes stronger as the Alias series continues. Jessica also interacted with Matt Murdock a lot. During this time everyone knew Matt was Daredevil, but Matt never disclosed it to the public. Matt became Jessica’s lawyer and Jessica did some body guarding for him in return.

At the conclusion of Alias Jessica announced that she was pregnant with Luke Cage’s baby. This quickly ended her relationship with Scott Lang. Jessica’s pregnancy continued in The Pulse and Young Avengers. Jessica takes up more responsibilities and starts to get even closer to Luke Cage. They end up living with each other and Luke proposes to Jessica.

The Pulse continues Jessica’s journey from Alias. During this time Jessica quit being a private investigator and is now The Daily Bugle’s superhero reporter. Jessica even agrees to give an exclusive to The Daily Bugle for the birth of her child with Luke Cage.


In Young Avengers Jessica becomes a mentor to a group of young heroes. She tells the Young Avengers to be truthful to not just each other, but also their families. Jessica ends up telling Peggy Lang that her daughter ,Cassie Lang, has joined the Young Avengers.

Jessica’s last major role was in Bendis’ New Avengers run. By this time Jessica has given birth to her child, Danielle. Jessica and Luke are also living together. Luke is the leader of New Avengers and wants Jessica to join the team. Jessica is at first hesitant, but ultimately joins the New Avengers. This leads to Jessica and Luke having to find a babysitter and after a long search they hire Squirrel Girl to babysit Danielle. In the New Avengers Annual Jessica and Luke finally get married.


For the Jessica Jones Netflix series I think the series will concentrate more on the Alias source material. I am excited to see how the TV show will show Jessica’s trauma and how that connects with her time with Purple Man. It would be great if the show ended with Jessica being pregnant because it would be the same amazing cliffhanger from Alias, which would tie into the Luke Cage Netflix series very well. Be sure to watch Jessica Jones when it premieres on Netflix on November 20th!

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