Report: Nicole Kidman In Talks To Play High-Ranking Amazonian Warrior In ‘Wonder Woman’

Nicole Kidman Hippolyta Wonder Woman DCEU Gal Gadot Movie

The following story was written by Adonis Gonzalez

As time goes by, we get closer and closer to 2017 and the eventual release of Wonder Woman’s first feature film!

The Amazonian Princess’ will make her live-action film debut next year in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice; but while this is a big deal, her first live-action film is an even bigger one—and today’s news just strengthens that claim!

Nicole Kidman, who you may have seen recently in the incredibly charming family film Paddington, is reportedly in talks with Warner join Gal Gadot in the upcoming Wonder Woman film! But who will she be?

Nicole Kidman Hippolyta Wonder Woman DCEU Gal Gadot Movie

Reports state that Kidman will be playing a “high-ranking Amazonian Warrior” in the film, which has led some (including this writer) to believe that she’ll be portraying Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons and Wonder Woman’s biological mother.

Having a big star like Kidman portray such an important character in the Wonder Woman mythos does make a ton of sense. But as of now, it’s important to remember that her role is unconfirmed. Should Nicole Kidman and WB come to an agreement, her role will likely be revealed shortly after. Do you also think she could be Hippolyta, or do you think Kidman would be more fitting for another role?

Source: The Wrap