‘Jobs’ Actor In Talks For Job with ‘Doctor Strange’


Actor Micheal Stulberg is in negotiations to join Marvel’s Doctor Strange in an unspecified role.  Currently seen on screen in Steve Jobs as Apple engineer Andy Hertzfeld, Micheal Stulberg is known for more serious roles, most notably the Coen Brother’s film A Serious Man. He is no stranger to the science fiction genre however, thanks to work on Men in Black 3.  His role in strange is currently unknown.

Given the choice of actors like Stulberg when paired with a noted horror director like Scott Derrickson, it’s a safe bet to say that Doctor Strange will be a departure from traditional Marvel fair with plenty of gravitas.  The film already includes Tilda Swinton as an ancient one, Chiwetel Ejiofer, and Mads Mikkelsen from Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal and other noted works.

Doctor Strange is the story of a cocky surgeon who, after the loss of his hands discovers magic as a last ditch effort to save himself.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter