Product Review: Ghost Rider And Spider-Man Vs HobGoblin Lego Set


One of the tried and true passions of adults and children alike is Legos. It’s got a movie, it’s got a theme song (because everything is awesome) and it bridges the gap between fans of DC Comics and Marvel Comics.  One of my favorite possessions is my Catwoman Lego Figurine, she sits up with my Red Skull and my Captain America every year (they decorate my Christmas Tree) and while Hawkeye keeps watch, this year he’ll have some company in the form of the Ghost Rider and Spider-Man vs Hobgoblin Lego Set.

Product Review: Ghost Rider And Spider-Man Vs HobGoblin Lego Set

I’m a huge Ghost Rider fan, and with the announcement that he’s coming to the MCU I’ve been super excited.  Apparently a Hell Charger set will exist (eventually?) but I was first introduced with Johnny Blaze and I’m really happy to bring him to life to guard my Christmas tree and its decorations for this upcoming Holiday.


I’m not a master builder by any means, one of my favorite things to do as a kid was building zoos for the lego horses (don’t lie. Those lego horses were awesome) so I can safely say that the bike was probably one of the hardest builds I’ve ever tried to accomplish.

Mostly because of the pieces pictured above. Those pieces were the worst! There are five of them in the set and while they make the bike look cool they’re probably the oddest shaped Lego block I’ve ever encountered.

Product Review: Ghost Rider And Spider-Man Vs HobGoblin Lego Set

My experience almost became derailed when I discovered that my set was missing one of the spokes to the front wheel.  Not only does it prevent me from attaching as many cool flame pieces as I wanted (the flame pieces are rightfully the highlight of the piece) but it means that the bike can’t ride.  However! Even WITHOUT the second spoke, it stands up pretty well, therefore I can’t complain.  Kudos to Lego for building such a sturdy little toy!

Other then that my only other issue came in the form of these two pieces.  Not out of any sort of malice but simply because they serve no obvious point.  Does Ghost Rider need a weird pair of flaming circles under his bike? Are they something else entirely?


Product Review: Ghost Rider And Spider-Man Vs HobGoblin Lego Set

It feels like no collection should be complete without a Spider-Man mini-fig so I was happy to get the piece.  The set comes with a clear plastic springboard so you can launch him at Goblin while shooting webs and the rest of the pieces are pretty simple to put together.

One of the coolest parts about this part of the set comes in the fact that you can knock over the trash can and it comes with actual trash pieces in the form of tiny bones and tiny little green things.  I’m impressed.  I would have been more impressed if my bike had another spoke but beggars can’t be choosers.

Product Review: Ghost Rider And Spider-Man Vs HobGoblin Lego Set

This part was simple enough, the pieces fit well together, and voila! I had a street corner for HYDRA to infiltrate beneath my Christmas tree and for the Avengers to – to a certain extent – defend.  Hooray!


If you like to have your kids help you build your sets (as you should, remember what the lego movie taught us) I’d have them sit the bike build out if only because it can get a little complicated and has to be flipped a lot.  Once it’s done however it’s a sturdy little toy and can stand without missing pieces.

The easiest thing to put together, especially for a budding master builder is probably spidey’s street corner.  Give your little master builders in training a chance at building a piece of New York History by seperating out all the pieces and having them help you out!


As a Ghost Rider fan, seeing him get a lego set – something we never got with Nicholas Cage was pure joy.  He’s a fine addition to my Christmas Tree lego collection and I ‘m really looking forward to this mysterious hinted Hell Charger Set…

And if it’s not a real one then gosh darn it it should be.  Come on Marvel, if you can give johnny a bike Robbie needs his car!

A must for any fans of the series. Currently retails for 19.87 at wal-Mart, 19.99 at Target. These sets are popular! I had to go to 5 different stores to get mine before settling on Wal-Mart.  Go and pick yours up today!