12 Days of Marvel: Most Anticipated Releases of 2017

12 Days of Marvel: Most Anticipated Releases of 2017

Thank you so much for joining us on our 12 Days of Marvel journey! Over the last few weeks we have been counting down the 2016 year, celebrating our favorite moments, characters, films, TV shows, and comics of the year. Now we’re looking ahead to 2017, where Marvel is planning to release another round of celebration-worthy projects. Check out our choices and let us know yours!

Logan, Baby Groot & Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster 
Lauren Gallaway (Director of Operations)

Every time I watch the trailer for Logan I tear up. This movie will be Hugh Jackman’s last stand as Wolverine and it’s sure to hit a lot of emotional notes. The trailer scenes with Logan and Professor X look so powerful, I truly think this might be the finest X-Men movie to date. I’m also really excited to see Baby Groot in Guardians Vol. 2. The scenes with him in the trailer are hilarious. Lastly, I am thrilled beyond belief that Jeff Goldblum is joining the Marvel Universe. I adore Goldblum and the fact that he’s going to be playing elder of the universe in Thor Ragnarok is just too perfect.

Marvel Animation & Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series
“Snarky” Shawn Carpenter (Pop Culture Editor and Animation Reviewer)

2017 is going to be an amazing year as a Marvel fan and looking at all of the things coming out next year I can’t help but be excited. In the movies, we’ve got Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and there’s not much to say about them that others won’t have already said. More importantly for me is the new Spider-Man series coming to Disney XD as well as Guardians of the Galaxy Season 2, and to an extent Avengers Assemble. If the rumors are true and we get Peter, Gwen, and Miles as our Spider crew I will be 100% on board with it. With Guardians Season 2 we are getting Adam Freakin’ Warlock and the show has really cemented itself as its own entity. Avengers Assemble is a bit of a trickier one for me since I haven’t really seen the show, but I am excited to have Hayley Atwell reprise her role as Peggy Carter. The last thing I’m super excited for is Guardians of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series and there’s good reason behind it. Telltale has killed it with these games and to take a goofy property like this is right up their wheelhouse. If you have played Tales from the Borderlands you’ll see why. That trailer made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. 2017 has a lot of good coming from it and I’m staying 100% positive about all of this!

The Defenders & Sigourney Weaver
Brittany Rivera (Senior Writer & Events Asst. Manager)

There are A LOT of Marvel things I’m looking forward to in 2017, but the biggest thing has to be The Defenders. I have to admit I teared up when I saw the set pics of Jessica and Matt together because they were just so perfect. Daredevil has become one of my favorite characters because of Charlie Cox’s portrayal of him and because of the brilliance of the show. I can’t wait to see these dysfunctional heroes interacting. I also can’t wait for the heroes for hire Power Man and Iron Fist bro out together for the first time on screen. PLUS we get Sigourney Weaver as the villain? I’m so ready for a lady baddie (and luckily we get more than one of those this year).

I’m also super excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnorak (especially Tessa Thompson).

X-Men: Gold
Jennifer Carey (Contributing Writer)

When I read X-Men was getting a face-lift in 2017 and the new book X-Men: Gold is going to 1.) be written by Marc Guggenheim — a writer I very much enjoy from DCTV show Legends of Tomorrow — and 2.) have a team roster composed of my favorite X-Men team members: Kurt Wagner, Rachel Grey, Ororo Monroe, Old Man Logan, Piotr Rasputin, as well as my life-long favorite KITTY PRYDE — who is also tapped to lead this group!!!! — I felt complete elation and like my time has come. Kitty gets to lead the X-Men!  My excitement is only building.

Future Ghost Rider Series
Shawn Richter (Director of Events)

I am most looking forward to something that is yet to be confirmed.  I want to see what Marvel does with Gabriel Luna / Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider.  We all know something is going to happen, but what?  His own show?  ABC?  Netflix?  I absolutely loved the character on Agents of SHIELD and while I hated to see him go, it wasn’t very realistic to expect him to stay forever.  Even Coulson himself said it:  Pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

Thor Ragnarok
Clement (Social Media Director)

Thor Ragnarok is what I’m looking forward to most. Thor 1 was really good, Thor: The Dark World, not so much. With the additions of Tessa Thompson, Mark Ruffalo, Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban and having Taika Waititi direct shows that Marvel is trying to make this one work.

America Chavez Comic Series
Tatiana Hullender (Comics Assistant Editor)

I am desperately anticipating America’s new title in 2017, and it can’t come soon enough. Even without the original creators of the character on board, it’s a wonderful opportunity for Marvel to highlight an LGBT heroine. Hopefully they explore her sexuality (and her identity as a Latina) without reducing her character to stereotypes. Knowing that Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones are at the helm is a great start, and I look forward to seeing what they do with her story.

Spider-Man Comics
Kathryn Calamia (Executive Comics Editor)

Spider-Man and his Spider family had some great comic book stories in 2016, and I can’t wait to see how they continue in 2017. Especially with Stuart Immonen on the main The Amazing Spider-Man title and the return of Norman Osborn.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Breeze Riley (Contributing Writer & Reviewer)

I’m most looking forwards to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Our first glimpse of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has already shown this is going to be a very different Spider-Man than what we’ve seen recently, which I think is a good thing. And of course having him in the MCU is a very good thing for both tone and quality. Finally, I’m excited to have Michael Keaton as the Vulture. Marvel villains have been very hit or miss, but having a truly talented actor can make all the difference.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & The Defenders
Chris King (Reviewer)

I’m most looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and The Defenders in 2017. The first Guardians is easily one of my favorite Marvel films,  and the first teasers we’ve gotten for Vol. 2 suggest that it could surpass the original in many ways. I mean, we’ve got epic action, incredible characters, Drax’s wonderful laugh, and Baby Groot; what more do you need? And while I’m excited to see all of the Defenders unite onscreen together for the first time, the main reason I’m so pumped for the show is that we’ll get more of Jessica Jones, who next to Captain America, is easily my favorite character in the MCU.

The Defenders
Jonathan Hernandez (Contributing Writer & Reviewer)

I’m most looking forward to The Defenders series. The Netflix corner of the MCU has been such a joy to watch. Each show has been different in tone and theme, and that’s what makes me so excited to see Iron Fist and then rest of the Defenders team up Avengers style. Plus, one of my favorite actors of all time, Sigourney Weaver, has been cast as the villain! At SDCC when I saw her on a panel in Hall H, I turned to fellow TMR writer Blaise Hopkins and said that I needed her in the MCU. Dream: fulfilled.

Spider-Man: Homecoming & Hela from Thor Ragnarok
Carolyn Poddig (Senior Staff Writer/Ast. Events Manager)


Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is without a doubt on my list of top things that I’m looking forward to for 2017.   The spider-man film represents not only a major coup for the Disney Studio but a unique project for Disney.  A major character gets tackled by a studio and is brought back into the fold after years of being apart.  The cast is absolutely stellar (Robert Downey Jr and Zendaya? Sign. Me. Up.) and a high school picture? For the first time in a long time Spider-Man doesn’t feel burdened with glorious purpose, he’s a high school kid whose presence in the MCU is needed and Tom Holland is absolutely killing it.  Hopefully we’ll see a long list of spider-people, from Spider-Gwen to Silk to Spider-Woman Jessica Drew (one of my personal favorite comic characters) plus, they made the vulture look cool. I mean that alone has my attention.  The rest is a gift from 2017 I am really looking forward to unwrapping.

Hela in Thor Ragnarok is something I’m looking forward to because there’s a real lack of good villains in the MCU and most characters from Asgard seem to last longer then villains from the rest of the MCU outside of Netflix.  That plus a female villainness? I can’t wait to see where Hela and Loki go and what mischief they get up to in 2017.


Inhumans TV Series
Jennifer Lloyd (Contributing Writer)

I am most looking forward to the Inhumans tv series. I really like both the classic royal family Inhumans and the new ones like Kamala. I’m interested to see who will appear in the series and how the creators will incorporate the long comic history of the Inhumans. As great as it would be for Ms. Marvel to make an appearance, I most want to see Lockjaw. He is my favorite inhuman.

Thanks fellow Marvel fans for a great 2016! See you in 2017!