12 Days of Marvel: Best Comic Moments of 2016

2016 is almost over and to celebrate we here at The Marvel Report are looking back at our favorite Marvel moments from the year.

Contributors: Brittany, Kat, Brandon, Jeremy, Blaise, Carolyn, Lauren 

Editor: Kat


Brittany Rivera –  Senior Writer & Event Assistant Manager

My favorite moment in comics this year has to come from Charles Soule and Goran Sudzuka’s Daredevil #9. It’s a team up between Daredevil and Spider-Man, my two favorite comicbook characters. This team up issue and the one after it had me grinning with joy. It’s hilarious and full of action and a standout issue in what is already my favorite comic series of the year.

Kat Calamia – Comic Editor


Cassie and Scott Become a Team in Ant Man 

The Astonishing Ant Man series in many ways was a love letter to Cassie and Scott’s relationship. It may have taken almost a decade for this team up to happen, but Astonishing Ant Man #13 made it worth the wait.


Spider-Gwen and Harry Osborn Find Forgiveness

As a long time spider fan I have a lot of respect towards the Spider/Goblin war, and it’s always interesting to see how other spider heroes deal with their goblin villains. Spider-Gwen brings an interesting twist to the Spider/Goblin dynamic by making Harry Osborn the first Green Goblin. Gwen and Harry are both dealing with the loss of their best friend, and Gwen shows that she can be a good hero by also being a good friend.


Supporting Characters Shine in Ms. Marvel #9

Ms. Marvel #9 is one of my favorite stories that came out in 2016 because the issue focused on Ms. Marvel’s “background characters” AKA some of Marvel’s best supporting characters. The characters who get the most fleshed out in this issue are Zoe and Josh. In the first volume of Ms. Marvel they are both portrayed as generic bullies, but this story showcases them as real people.

In this issue it’s revealed why Josh wanted to blow up their school, he wanted to get Zoe’s attention. Josh thought Zoe broke up with him because she perceived him as stupid. Zoe reveals that the world ending made her realize that she had to be honest with herself. She broke up with Josh because she doesn’t like guys, and instead has a crush on her now best friend, Nakia.

If you read your old Ms. Marvel back issues you can see G. Willow Wilson planted the seeds for the growth of Zoe and Josh long before Ms. Marvel #9. I see a bright future for Zoe, Josh, Nakia, and Bruno because they’re much more than background characters.


Brandon McKinney – News Writer

This moment was the most Tony Stark moment in the Invincible Ironman and in the wake of the Captain America backlash it was very welcome comic relief.


Jeremy Dulce – Comic Writer 

My favorite moment would have to be Sam Miles, and Kamala quitting the Avengers. This showed just how much these characters have grown and matured. I would also say that these 3 are my favorite characters, because by forming The Champions they are showing that in a world where people don’t trust heroes as much they used to that their is hope. These three provide a strong voice for a new generation unlike anything Marvel has seen in a very long time. That’s why these 3 have earned spots for both my favorite moment and characters of the year.


Jay – Associate Comic Editor

My favorite moment of the year comes from this week’s The Clone Conspiracy #3 when The Jackal reveals that he is the one and only Ben Reilly! I love Ben Reilly he brought the fun back to Spider-Man in the 90’s and due to greed the Clone Saga went on way too long and he was the sacrificial lamb offered to appease the angry Comic Fans. What Marvel didn’t get was that we didn’t hate Ben, just hated that we invested decades into Peter to only find out it was all a lie.


Tatiana – Associate Comic Editor

Gwen and Miles meeting was a such a fun moment, both as a reader and as a fan interested in the expansion of the Marvel universe. We’ve seen various universes colliding, but getting to see Miles meet an actual fan from the supposed real world (just like me!) was a new experience altogether. It also helped established just how young and innocent Gwen really is, which helps put the Gwenpool comics in a new context.

Blaise – Staff Writer


Nighthawk absolutely wrecks a bunch of thugs: Although a little graphic, it shows the true nature of Nighthawk. This guy sees any bad guy as people who deserve to get as much as they give. These thugs never stood a chance against the hero, but he doesn’t show them any mercy for crossing his path.


Marc Spector’s Reality: Moon Knight has been getting pretty trippy in this new series and the art has been awesome for it. The book jumps through all of these different realities and it’s awesome to see the alternating art styles that go along with it.


Muse Strikes: Muse has been a really creative and unique villain introduced into Daredevil. The introduction to his character is creepy but beautifully done with this massive wall painting from his victim’s blood.


Carolyn Podding – Staff Writer

Everything in regards to the Black Panther comics series has been amazing this year. It’s been fascinating exploring this world from the point of view of writers who can deliver original stories and incredible work. Ta-Nehisi Coates and his team have delivered excellence in storytelling again and again. Seeing the trouble at home caused by T’challa leaving his people that’s led to the World of Wakanda comic series has been absolutely fascinating to read.

Lauren Gallaway –  Co Editor and Chief


The Amazing Spider-Man 1.2 
I really loved reading Jose Molina’s five-part Spider-Man series “Amazing Grace.” This book took Peter to Cuba, to investigate the resurrection of a Harlem man. There was a moment at the end of the book where Uncle Ben appeared in front of Peter, alive. I remember being so shocked that Uncle Ben was alive that I couldn’t wait to read the next part!