Legion Launches Adept Test, Interactive Experiences, New York Gallery And More!

Legion wants to encourage you to “Think differently.”

Preparing for the February 8th series launch Fox has launched a number of marketing efforts including Legion Multimedia, poster art, and more offering you a glimpse inside the mind of David Haller, the X-man known as Legion.  The primary focus of it’s efforts has been art, as Legion’s mind blowing artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz has been an inspiration for most of the series promotional materials. Haunting and ethereal, Legion is asking you to “think differently” and “expand your mind” and they’ve launched a new website to help you with that fact at insidelegion.com, a tumblr page that offers you a look at the mutant whose mind we’ll be exploring – and the art that brought him there.

For starters, Fox offers an “Evaluation” looking for gifted individuals and potential mutants.  While fairly straightforward quiz fair – the questions of observation, adept behavior, and thinking outside the box are paramount. Are you an “Adept” or a “Mutant”? Take the quiz here to find out and be careful when unleashing your new unique abilities – it’s a dangerous world out there for those who are different.  Be sure to share your results with us on social media so we know how many visionaries are out there -and ready to watch this show.

Artistically, Fox has announced 5 augmented reality murals that will reveal the power of David Haller, the world’s most powerful mutant.  Fans can download the Blippar app, frame the art and watch it come to life at 5 different locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  Wondering where you can expand your mind and alter your reality? Check out these locations below (before February 8th!):

Brooklyn NY: St. Nicholas Avenue and Jefferson Street.

New York NY: Bleecker Street and Carmine Street

Chicago: West North Avenue and North Western Avenue

San Francisco: Filmore Street and Union Street

Los Angeles: Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street.

Be sure to share your photos with the official twitter account at @legionfx and share them with us at the Marvel Report if you happen to expand your reality (and free your mind!)


Meanwhile, for Legion fans in New York City, Fox will be launching a special gallery of legion inspired artwork.  Launching Friday January 27th through Sunday January 29th, Villain Warehouse in Brooklyn will play host to multiple Legion inspired installations by various artists tackling such topics as forced perspective, found materials, light and shadow, and Key art from the series.  If you have an opportunity to visit Brooklyn and want a glimpse at this once in a lifetime event we can’t recommend it enough for fans.

Finally if you’re worried that your mutant powers will go unnoticed, Legion’s got you covered with a list of 56 local comic book shops where you can grab a free a limited edition poster inspired by the series.  Be sure to visit one of the shops On this list for your free poster – they’re sure to go fast.  Check out the poster below:

What do you think true believers? Excited? Intrigued? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and don’t forget to turn into Fox’s first television foray into the Marvel Universe February 8th 2017 at 10/9 central and stay tuned to The Marvel Report for coverage on this hot new television show!