Kotobukiya Spider-Man Art FX+ Review

Kotobukiya Spider-Man Art FX+ Figure Review

The Art FX+ line from Kotobukiya continues to produce one great piece after another.  Currently available and in-stock here on the Kotobukiya website, the Spider-Man 1/10 scale figure retails for $59.99.  A 1/10 scale figure typically stands about 6-7 inches tall but this is Spidey so a casual standing pose just wouldn’t do.  Instead, this Spider-Man figure is in a very cool spider-like crouching pose.

As with all Art FX+ figures, a little minor assembly is required, but the figure fits together very snugly and definitely isn’t going to come apart without some work (which is great).

Here is our video review of the figure, along with a preview of some other amazing Spider-Man figures that are upcoming from the Art FX+ line (I can’t wait to get my hands on that Agent Venom – WOW!)

For me, the coolest thing about this figure is the base.  A small, red clip is included in case you want your Spider-Man figure to stand alone on your shelf.  But the base is solid metal, with a soft padding underneath.  The figure itself has strong magnets built into the feet, so that the figure can easily attach anywhere on the base.

Overall it’s a very, very cool figure and a definite must have for any Spider-Man collector.

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