Logan Spotlights X-23 In 3 New International Clips

With everyone fresh off the excellence that is Legion, we’re ramping up our coverage on Logan and the internet is doing the same.   Comicbook.com brought us 3 film clips that spotlight Laura Kinney, Logan, and the world they inhabit.  There are actually six Logan TV clips total (including the one we caught.) Let’s take a look at these latest 3 before we recap “What has come before.”

With Inhumans taking center stage on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD the mutants that everyone knows and loves are making a stand of sorts for the collective hearts and minds of the American audience.  We’ve had X-men since the iconic appearance of Wolverine in 1999, and Joe Mangold seems prepped to give him a send off for the ages and give him a more then worthy counterpart in Dafne Keen’s X-23.

Coming to you from Mexico, this clip – dubbed “Familia” spotlights X-23’s ruthless nature.  Much like her sire, Laura’s got claws and she’s not afraid to use them .  Tragically how she got them is quite a story (we’ll be posting a lot more about X-23 in the coming months, trust us.) but this clip shows she’s not afraid to use them.  If long drawn out fights in the desert and in cars make you think of Fury Road – we’re on the same page.  We’re also totally fine with that. Fox seems to be setting up Logan to be a prestige superhero picture and anything that harkens back to Fury Road (which won an oscar) is a good nod in our book.

Clip 5, “It’s Time” takes time to spotlight the ambient sound of Logan, and, in the words of comicbook.com, “Seems to place the fate of the mutant race on Logan and X-23’s shoulders.  We get a bigger look at Steven Merchant’s Caliban (who looks quite a bit worse for wear) as well as several children who seem to be escaping.  What strikes me the most in this is just how similar Dafne Keen and Hugh Jackman’s moves are.  You’ve got to give credit to both seasoned thespian and newcomer as they both seem to be ready for action in this clip and ready to save the mutant race.  Can the mutant race be saved? Only time will tell.

This last clip, coming to us from China rehashes a lot of footage we’ve previously seen – save for a new one where someone, possibly Logan, is skydiving in the worst possible way.  The familiar Johnny Cash tunes strike that same old Logan cord however (dare we say the song is becoming synonymous with Logan?) and it serves it’s purpose, to get people hyped for Logan and ready for James Mangold’s epic superhero “prestige” piece.

Whatever the case and however Logan turns out, these pieces have certainly gotten us hyped up for a March 3rd at the movies.  Have they done the trick for you?  Tell us your thoughts (or just scream about how absolutely amazing Dafne Keen is in this/is going to be) in the comments below.