New Imax Logan Poster And Clip Offers Retro Feel For R Rated SuperHero Film

Happy Valentine’s Day true believers! While Logan’s never had any luck with love, director James Mangold clearly loves what he does and loves upcoming film Logan enough to create an entire aesthetic that harkens back in look and feel to the so-called golden days of cinema.  The director dropped a brand new IMAX poster on twitter this morning complete with shades of westerns, 70s heist cinema, and even some shades of Tarantino.  Logan has promised it’ll be head and shoulders above the rest, and this poster like it’s artwork and even it’s stills campaign offers us a different look at the wolverine, one of the first cinematic comic book superheroes.  Let’s take a look.

The poster sets Logan in an iconic pose reminiscent of posters featuring John Wayne and other iconic figures of cinema.  Like the rest of the film, this poster asks us to take it seriously, insisting that it’s not what we’ve come to traditionally expect of a superhero film.  Rather then bill itself as an MCU knock-off or even compare it to previous X-Men films (from the past and the future) James Mangold’s piece continues to ask to be taken seriously, to say that it’s less something you should take your kids to see and more something along the lines of Sergio Leone’s Once upon a Time in the West.  This is important, especially in light of this recently posted clip showing one of the most icon superhero stars in a position that we’ve literally never seen him in before.


Logan as a limo driver? In black and white? Add that to the Johnny Cash soundtrack and the unbelievable artistic composition of the entire film and Logan appears to be a treat for the visual senses.  March 3rd can’t come soon enough.

Logan stars Hugh Jackman as Logan, aka “wolverine”, Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney, aka X-23, Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier and Stephen Merchant as Caliban the mutant.  It’s scheduled for release March 3rd 2017.