A New Threat Threatens the Future of Avengers Academy

Now that Ultron’s Revolution has died down a new threat emerges. Though this time the team face a new threat that puts their future at risk. This time it has to do with that mysterious Time Fog that surrounds the school. And who better to use it for his gain than Kang the Conqueror. But he isn’t the only one galavanting through time.

As mentioned in earlier interviews with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, the Young Avengers have arrived and lend their skills to take Kang down. Warner goes on and talks about how Ultron unknowingly allowed Kang to appear in this timeline due to the fact that Ultron took over anything he could get his hands on, including the defenses that the school has against the time fog. The Young Avengers have been trying to stop him from entering but had failed and subsequently captured by Kang.

Joining Kang in this event will be Hulkling, Wiccan, and Stinger. We actually got an early look at Wicca thanks to some concept art which you can find here. Each brings their own unique animations and character interactions. Hulkling has the ability to shapeshift which can lead to a variety of interesting moments, Wiccan’s magic could spark banter between him and the other magic users on campus, and Stinger (Who is actually Ant-Man’s daughter) will lead into some interesting moments between the two of them.

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This event does bring the focus back to the time fog, which had been sort of neglected in previous events, which leads me to believe that we might be getting more of a history as to why it is there and how the faculty may be involved with it after all. Maybe that means Black Widow will begin to have more information to help her along in her investigations? We’ll see once the event begins.

As for how the Avengers will be fighting Kang Warner went on and talked about how the team will be making use of Time Portals that Tony made, seriously though this Tony outclasses many other Tony’s for sure. They will travel back and forth to the past, present, and future to gain an upper hand on Kang.

And the last little bit that Warner talks about in his interview with Marvel.com’s Justin Snyder is better seen in its original form:

Marvel.com: Once our heroes are able to conquer Kang, what new threats will come for the Academy?

Allen Warner: Kang may lose the battle, but the war has just begun. He uses his tech to turn the timefog against the school, unleashing monsters on Avengers Academy. They’ll need help from some powerhouse heroes, eclectic monster hunters, a gigantic robot, and everybody’s favorite red Tyrannosaurus Rex.

So this looks to be an interesting event for sure, and I’m pretty sure there will be some secret goodies that Warner had to leave out so we won’t be spoiled. Are you excited for this upcoming event? Or would you rather have a breather to continue the main story of the game? Let us know on Twitter or on Facebook! And also be sure to tune in here for my coverage of the event and everything related to Avengers Academy!


Source: Marvel.com