REVIEW: Infamous Iron Man #5 – “Mama Doom Strikes Back”

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Alex Maleev
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Rating: T+
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 02/22/17

Infamous Iron Man

Plot: Now that he’s the new Iron Man, Victor Von Doom discovers why his mother’s back in his life.

Story: One of this issue’s positive factors is the dialogue. Brian Michael Bendis has great skill with writing the words for his characters that feel natural and real. Bendis also manages to throw some humor into serious conversations that doesn’t feel forced. Also the pacing of the dialogue really helps move the story along with a steady speed.

The notable event of this issue is Victor discovering his mother is alive. Cynthia Von Doom explains why she never make contact with him because she disapproved of Victor’s choices as Doctor Doom. Now that Victor is the new Iron Man, Cynthia wants to make sure her son stays on the path of heroism. Cynthia’s motive reminded me of the story, Triumph and Torment. This story involved Doctor Doom teaming up with Doctor Strange to save Victor’s mother from Mephisto. Victor attempts to offer Strange in place of his mother to which Mephisto agrees. However Cynthia rejects Victor’s deal and is disgusted by her son’s actions. Eventually this lead to Cynthia’s redemption which lead to her soul’s ascension to a proper afterlife. How Cynthia came back now is still a mystery.

Although one possible cause for Cynthia’s resurrection could involve the character revealed at the end of the issue, Reed Richards. No not the Reed we know from Earth-616, it’s the Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe who had a heroic beginning but turned into a super villain. If the next few issues establish this Reed as Victor’s new arch enemy that would be awesome. Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom are often seen as intellectual equals. However, this Reed is different from the one Victor’s previously fought this could pose a new challenge for the new Iron Man. Also it will be fun to see Victor Von Doom as the hero and Reed Richards as the villain given the publication history of these characters.

Art: One thing I immediately noticed was the issue’s cover, which is similar to the Christian image of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus’s body. This is a great image because it tells the reader that this issue is about Victor Von Doom and his mother. Plus Victor drawn in his old armor could mean the end of his former Doctor Doom identity. Another thing that stands out is the lettering for Ultimate Reed Richards. One subtle difference between the mainstream and Ultimate Marvel comics was their lettering style. To my knowledge, Reed is the only Ultimate character with dialogue lettered this way. Miles Morales and his supporting cast use the standard lettering in Spider-Man despite originating from the Ultimate Universe. This discovery hypes up the mystery behind Ultimate Reed’s return and his activities post-Secret Wars.

Verdict: This issue gives the reader some insight over what to expect in future issues. I enjoyed the idea of Reed Richards being Victor’s arch enemy. Overall, fans of Doctor Doom and Iron Man should pick this up.