REVIEW: Nova #7 – “Sam and Rich’s Excellent Adventure”

Writers: Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez
Pencillers: Scott Hepburn & Ramon Perez
Colorist: Ian Herring
Letterer: Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne
Rating: T+
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 06/07/17


Plot: Sam and Rich are trapped in the Cancerverse. This series has shown the two Novas form an interesting partnership and now they need each other if they want to return home. Let’s hope the end of this Nova title doesn’t mean the end for our two heroes.

Story: The majority of the issue is Sam and Rich fighting creatures until they can reopen the portal to Earth. The story’s fast pace helps move the plot smoothly but there really isn’t anything else going on in this issue. Unlike most final issues where they try to resolve three or four plot threads in one issue, Nova #7 does not suffer from this circumstance. While this situation does make it easier for the reader to accept this as the title’s final issue, there could have been more to add to this story.

Despite my mixed feelings for the plot, this issue did have some great character moments. One character that I found myself sympathizing for was Worldmind, the story’s antagonist. Two issues ago the reader learned Worldmind was responsible for Rich’s connection to the Cancerverse. This lead to the  assumption that the Cancerverse corrupted Worldmind. However in this issue we learn that Worldmind actually accepted the Cancerverse since it is a world without death. Worldmind was the sentient super computer for the Nova Corps. Due to Worldmind’s connection with the Novas, it experiences death when ever one dies.  Hearing Worldmind state that it felt death for over a millennia made me understand why it embraced the chaos of the Cancerverse. While most stories often involve the antagonist being corrupted, it’s a nice change of pace to see one that decided to embrace a darker nature to calm it’s own suffering.

Another thing I enjoyed about this issue (and this title in general) is the dialogue between Sam and Rich. Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez did an amazing job with the partnership between the two Novas. The way Sam and Rich talk to each other is funny and entertaining. Also there are times when Sam and Rich sound like brothers. The way these two characters interacted with each other reminded me of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake from the Batman franchise. If there is another Nova title in the future, I hope it continues the excellent relationship between Sam and Rich.

Art: One of Nova‘s best features has been it’s artwork. Scott Hepburn and Ramon Perez deserve high praise for their Cronenberg-like designs for the Cancerverse and its inhabitants. They really help sell this world’s monstrous nature. Also the Cancerverse features some deformed versions of popular Marvel characters that prove a world without death is a terrible thing. Additionally this issue’s art also features excellent color choices. The red and purple of the Cancerverse are a perfect contrast to Sam and Rich’s Nova uniforms which help the characters leap out on the pages.

The issue also features a beautiful double page shot towards the end. It shows Rich and Sam after they return home and both characters adjusting to civilian life. For Sam, he’s back to being a regular kid. Meanwhile Rich is reconnecting with his former friends and enjoying himself since escaping the Cancerverse. This spread is a nice shot that shows our heroes deserve some downtime after their first epic adventure together.

Verdict: Even though this title is ending, let’s hope this isn’t the end of Sam and Rich. While this wasn’t a big oversized final issue, it resolved the story with some good character moments and stunning artwork. I’m sad to see this title go but hopefully a future series can capture the fun and brotherly relationship between the two Novas. Overall, this issue is good but if you want to really enjoy it you should start with the first one.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars