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Bendis Hints at Female Replacement Writer for Jessica Jones

With Brian Michael Bendis heading off to DC Comics, one of the main questions to pop up from that move has been what happens to his ongoing monthly titles? In particular, what happens to Jessica Jones? This is a character that Bendis has helped usher into the comic book mainstream, going all the way back to the days of his original Alias series. Where does the hard-drinking, grizzled private eye go next?

Jessica Jones

Earlier this week, Bendis assured fans that Jessica Jones would be in good hands. While Marvel has not revealed the name of the replacement writer, there is indeed a replacement writer in place. And true to the spirit of Jessica Jones over the past couple of years, the writer is a woman.

“Truth told I was already leaving Jessica after purple, for a Marvel project that is sadly no longer, and had already picked my replacement,” Bendis explains on his Tumblr (via Newsarama). “She is amazing. I will not be updating you on Marvel’s plans here as it is theirs to announce and certainly not my place. But do not take that as anything but me respecting the process. I am so happy for all m’babies next evolution.”

This news comes in the wake of both Marvel and Bendis reassuring fans that another of his creations, Riri Williams, will be treated well going forward. This most recently Tumblr post also reassures fans that Miles Morales will be in good hands after Bendis’ departure, though no official plans for Miles have been revealed just yet.

Bendis’ impact has been felt on many of Marvel’s most established characters, something that the Marvel Report staff reflected on earlier this week. It’ll be interesting to see exactly what the future holds for all of these characters once he departs Marvel for new pastures.