Riri Williams

Marvel, Bendis Assure Fans of Riri Williams’ Place

The news of Brian Michael Bendis leaving Marvel sent shockwaves throughout the comic community. For some fans, panic set in over the thought of their favorite characters suffering and being neglected as a result of his departure. One character in particular, Riri Williams, also known as Ironheart, was the source of concern for one fan, who asked Bendis about her on Twitter. Bendis sent out a reassuring tweet to fans that Riri Williams would not be lost in the shuffle.


Bendis wrote on Twitter, “I have very good Intel that Miss Williams will live past me in the best way possible. Stay tuned. A lot of you ask me about Marvel‘s plans and it’s really their plans to announce. All I can tell you is that very good people are making very good choices.”

Williams is among the newer characters in the Marvel comic universe and was part of Marvel’s push for greater diversity. Williams has been a steady book for the company. It would make little sense for Marvel to push her to the side. She has featured heavily in newer Marvel plots and seems likely to moving forward, hence the reassurances by Marvel and Bendis.

Riri Williams isn’t the only character Bendis helmed. Some fans are concerned about Miles Morales, but Marvel appears more than dedicated to these two characters. How do you feel about the future of Riri Williams (or Miles Morales) following the departure of Bendis? Marvel is saying all the right things for now, but fans of comics know better than to take their characters for granted.

Sound off in the comment section about Riri Williams or Miles Morales. What do you think will happen to Riri now that Bendis won’t be around? Does Marvel continue to push the character or do you see her sales suffering as a result of Bendis’ departure? Lastly, do you think Bendis’ departure could breathe new life into the character? If so, how?