#SHIELD100: Fan Favorite Characters On Agents of SHIELD

In the wake of the premiere of Agents of SHIELD’s 100th episode we asked you the fans for your favorite moments, and boy did you deliver! We’ve been hard at work collecting your submissions and favorite character moments into a celebration of #SHIELD100.

It’s hard to discuss just what this series has meant to people without talking about how the show has brought everyone together. From people creating fan communities to having passionate discussions on social media, #SHIELD100 is more than just the 100th episode of a television show. It is about celebrating how Agents of SHIELD has changed lives, created relationships, helped people discover parts of themselves, make new friends, and meet people.

The show began with a fan movement, #CoulsonLives, drawing attention to the unsung hero of Marvel’s movie universe who was killed by Loki before being brought back and ushering the next phase of the MCU to life. That devotion was brought to the #RenewAgentCarter campaign and has continued throughout the Marvel Television fandom. While fans are passionate about the films, it is clear fans are passionate about the television shows as well.

Marvel’s television universe is constantly expanding and none of that would be possible without the work of Marvel’s flagship show Agents of SHIELD. What began as the story of ordinary people in a world of extraordinary abilities has changed to something so much larger than we could have ever imagined. 

We collected essays that you have all sent into us so that #SHIELD100 can shine a much deserved spotlight on the people who the show owes the most – the loyal fans. The people who have tuned in for every gripping moment, who have tweeted frantic notes to the actors and creators who work on the show hoping and praying for their favorite character to make it, and the people who have built not just a television fandom but a family out of something that had never been seen before. We also wanted to thank those behind the camera for their work and support. That creates the passion, and that’s what’s at the heart of #SHIELD100. Trying to honor that.

Whatever the future holds for Marvel Television (and it’s looking pretty bright) this project is a pleasure. #SHIELDPrevails and #SHIELD100 forever.

Let’s kick this off right by looking at some of your favorite characters from Agents of SHIELD!

First: #CoulsonLives