#SHIELD100: Agents of SHIELD Top 5 Most Lamented Deaths

We are taking a look back at the most lamented Agents of SHIELD deaths. Let’s face it, the 100th episode might see a major character die. Before people start screaming, Agents of SHIELD has seen the exit of a number of notable people who were incredibly beloved by the cast, crew, and fans. The drama of each loss of these characters is always treated with a great deal of respect, the actors are always given some incredible material to go out on, and the characters remain gone but not forgotten in the hearts of the fans who loved them.

Sometimes they come back- both Brett Dalton and BJ Britt returned in season 4 to give their character arcs some closure- but many Agents of SHIELD deaths have remained permanent. So far only Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson has actually returned from the land of the dead and lived to tell the tale so to speak and the event was so shattering it led to the creation of the television universe. So while death isn’t forever in the comicsit (usually) is in the movies.

The only other person to return from the dead technically (as Hive) was Grant Ward, showing off the emotional impact of the character. But since it was technically Hive inside of Grant Ward’s undead body the character’s return to the canon doesn’t count which is why Coulson remains the only figure to cheat death. Others remain hopeful that their favorites will return, every death is always met with a barrage of tweets across social media begging the writers to bring back their favorites. But without death the MCU would lack it’s dramatic edge no matter how heartbreaking those deaths might be.

In that spirit we’ve collected our top 5 most lamented character deaths from the first four seasons of Agents of SHIELD. As always, check and see if the ones you begged creators to bring back made the list and know that they’ll live on in the heart of every true blue SHIELD agent. After a while death in the main MCU continuity might be forever, the introduction of alternative universes proves that fans might see some familiar faces in the long run after all.