REVIEW: Tony Stark: Iron Man #6 – “Ready Player One”

Tony Stark: Iron Man #6
Writers: Dan Slott and Jeremy Whitley
Penciller: Valerio Schiti
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 11/21/18
Rating: T+

Iron Man

Plot: It’s launch day for Stark industries latest gadget, the eScape. Unfortunately the Arsenal security system is ejecting users. Plus the remaining users are starting to feel pain while plugged into the eScape. Tony Stark decides to head into the network to investigate but he’s joined by his birth mother, Amanda Armstrong.

Story: The latest technology trend in today’s world is virtual reality, so it makes sense this is Tony’s latest business venture. Dan Slott perfectly captures the real world reactions whenever a new piece of technology hits the market. This issue shows people camping out to purchase the eScape device on its launch day. Also Tony as Iron Man foils a hijacking attempt on a Stark Industries truck carrying the devices. These kind of details help draw readers into the story and be more believable.

This issue also begins a side story involving Tony’s birth mother, Amanda Armstrong. At the start of the issue, Amanda tells Andy Bhang about how she and Tony haven’t bonded since he tracked her down (see International Iron Man). The last Iron Man creative team introduced Amanda Armstrong but did not give the character any developments. This was a fair criticism that needed to be addressed. Also having Amanda follow Tony into the eScape when he has to deal with its issues is a nice setup for the rest of this arc.

Another character that gets some attention is Jocasta Pym. While everyone uses eScape to live out their fantasy life of being a super hero, Jocasta uses the eScape to be a regular human. It’s clear that Slott has some plans for Jocasta and they will develop over time. Slott does find ways to make Jocasta relate-able to humans. An example would be Jocasta neglecting to charger her internal batter after a night in the eScape (late night video gaming). Overall, Slott presents Jocasta as a complicated character that readers could enjoy.

Art: This issue’s artwork is quite stunning. Although we don’t see much of it this issue, there are some interesting designs withing the eScape. Plus the user avatars for the eScape are pretty fun. There are some past designs of famous Marvel heroes, even mentioning a West Coast Avenger skin pack. While in the eScape Tony wears a stealth Iron Man suit which makes sense. Also it’s funny how Amanda’s avatar is herself but back in her rock’n roll days. Also the facial expressions were very easy to read, especially Jocasta.

Verdict: This issue gives us a great opener to a possibly fantastic Iron Man story. Dan Slott perfectly adapts the current VR trend into the setting for Tony’s recent adventure. Also we get some excellent developments for supporting characters, Amanda Armstrong and Jocasta. Plus this issue feels very new reader friendly. Overall, if you’re looking for a good Iron Man story this one’s just beginning.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5