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Black Widow: 5 Things That the Web-Slinging Movie Could Include

This year at D23, the art for the Black Widow movie, as well as its stellar cast was revealed. The First Lady of the MCU is finally getting her time to shine with her own solo movie. And with such a rich history as Natasha’s, a lot of things from comic lore could be included. Here are five things that could be elaborated on:

Her Backstory

The thing most fans associate with Natasha is the Red Room, otherwise known as the “Black Widow Program”. Even though we saw its beginning stages in the first season of Agent Carter, Avengers: Age of Ultron is where we really see the toll it took on Natasha and how it shaped her into the person she became. The Red Room contained strenuous training drills, brainwashing, and repetitive ballet meant to prepare the Widows to “have a place in the world”. Madame B, also seen in Age of Ultron, was the headmistress during Natasha’s time in the program. In the movie, we may get to see a face off between the two.

In addition to the Red Room, we could see what Natasha did after she graduated the program. In “January: Part 1″ and “January: Part 2“, we see Natasha on a mission in Cuba. At first reading, you think she’s there to protect the assigned family with her best friend’s help, but in the second part, the truth is revealed: the Red Room orders Natasha to “remove” the family, including her best friend who helped her find her way around Cuba. After this happens, she goes on an assassination spree. This plot line would not be a stretch if it appeared in the movie.

“Just like Budapest all over again.”

The line that started the hype for the urge of Natasha getting her own movie. Since the first Avengers movie, fans have wanted to know what happened in Budapest while she was on a mission with Clint. Hopefully the question of “What happened in Budapest?” will finally be answered.

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