NYCC: Runaways Panel Teases Dark Days, Epic Crossover

Runaways returned to New York Comic Con this year bringing new surprises and the premiere episode of Season 3 just hours after releasing a new trailer.

Jeph Loeb moderated the panel with executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and cast members Rhenzy Feliz (“Alex”), Lyrica Okano (“Nico”), Virginia Gardner (“Karolina”), Ariela Barer (“Gert”), Gregg Sulkin (“Chase”) and Allegra Acosta (“Molly”) joining him on stage.

As has become tradition, they screened the premiere episode of the upcoming season. Without spoiling too much, fans saw Morgan le Fay (Elizabeth Hurley) enter the picture and the Runaways continued to face off against the Gibborim who took over some of their parents’ bodies last season.

The much-anticipated crossover with Cloak & Dagger was a popular subject of discussion during the panel. It was confirmed that their appearance will be more than just a cameo, and Tandy and Ty will play a significant role in the storyline this season.

Plans for the Runaways to show up in Cloak & Dagger season 3 were also mentioned, though it’s important to note the show has not been formally renewed by Freeform yet.

Co-creator of the comic series Brian K. Vaughn also showed up for a surprise appearance during the panel, praising the actors as the “best cast on television.”

Watch the full trailer for the new season below:

Runaways returns for its third season on December 13 on Hulu. Stay tuned for exclusive interviews with the cast and producers.