Some of our Favorite Fan Photo Ops from ACE Comic Con

ACE Comic Con Midwest took place in Chicago from October 11-13 and The Marvel Report was there to cover the show and live tweet the panels. Marvel-related guests included Brie Larson, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Gake Gyllenhaal, Tessa Thompson, Kit Harrington and Henry Zaga.

Make no mistake, ACE Comic Con is all about the fans getting up close and personal with their favorite heroes and villains. Photo ops and autographs with celebrity guests sell out quickly as fans line up to meet their favorite actors from the MCU and other fandoms (non-Marvel guests included Gwendoline Christie, Taron Edgerton, Norman Reedus, Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch and Josh Herdman.

While plenty of fans are happy just to be in a photo with their favorite celebs, others take it a step further. Whether it be with cosplay, signs or recreating their favorite memes, the fans can get awfully creative with their photo ops. Here are some of our favorite fan/celeb photo ops from ACE Comic Con Midwest 2019.

First off Tess and her sister Maggie (@5x5cosplay) give Tom Holland a lesson on spoilers:

“Tom was such a good sport about the picture, and at his panel there were jokes about him spoiling MCU movies too. He got a good laugh from the book cover and was really sweet. “

Bryan says ” I normally don’t do poses but I had the idea for this one with Tom and Jake and am pretty pleased with how it came out.” Looks like Holland is sadly not worthy.

Bodhi says “From one of my favorite scenes in ghostbusters, I got to re-enact it with Chris. The photographer said “my little cosplay heart is so happy right now”

Lexi went for the jumping pose with Gyllenhaal: “It took us two tries to jump at the same time but he was such a good sport and loved the photo when I showed him later at the auto!”

Aatir brought his own Mjolnir and “Capped off my Marvel-ous week by trying to steal Chris’ thunder and hammer. He straight up went for the head!”

It’s no secret that Holland and Gyllenhaal are close. Well not any more, thanks to JoHanna! “I walked in and hugged Jake and asked if he would hold my hand and he said sure! Then I asked Tom and leaned my head on his shoulder and I don’t think Jake was thrilled .”

There is simply a whole lot of Asgard in this photo with Chris Hemsworth. Patticus, the Loki cosplayer said that Hemsworth had a few photos taken with his own cell phone as well!

Kyle and Lisa got their idea from the time that Brie Larson went to the theaters and handed out popcorn to fans seeing Captain Marvel.

Gyllenhaal was not amused with Brandon and his family. “Mysterio is not very happy about the Spiderman fan club ! Tom thought this was a hilarious idea ! Jake was more than willing to play along!”

Janel said that “My 11-year old son, during is autograph with Tom Holland recited the famous line, “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good” and then actually collapsed on the floor. Tom’s jaw dropped and everybody in the room gasped in horror! He has a very visible disability including severely short arms and wears long leg braces so people who dont know him imagine hes pretty fragile and defenseless thus their horror. But luckily, hes still a rough and tumble kid!”  Holy cow!

Amy went with the Captain Marvel/Jedi mashup and said “I love Star Wars, Brie loves Star Wars, and Carol Danvers loves Star Wars. So, I had to make a Jedi Master Car-El Danvers! Brie thoroughly approved.”

Michelle and friends (human and K-9) bowing before Queen Thompson: “Tessa is our queen, so we bowed to her and offered her a crowd.”

Lisa and John went with “my disguise” from Thor: Ragnarok. “We did this photo with Chris and he thought it was hilarious 🙂 hes like, “do I wear it, do you wear it”, I’m like you and I wear it but don’t cover your sweet face and he laughed!! John couldnt see us we were so well disguised.”

Sunshine, deemed worthy of Mjolnir by Chris Hemsworth: “It was absolutely wonderful! I came over shook my hand let me introduce myself and I didn’t feel rushed. They got my picture mid laugh he was so sweet.”

Michael and Jamie however, were not so worthy. “My wife and I trying to be worthy.”

You have a metal arm?! That’s so cool! Lisa pretended to get webbed by Spider-Man “Playing off of the Bucky/Spidey relationship from Civil War.”

Nick with the Peter Tingle reference, for the win! “Before the picture was snapped, the photographer busted out laughing. Tom and Jake had no clue what my sign said until afterwards. When you find the opportunity to mess with Spiderman, Deadpool has to take it. “

Paul and family brought their own Loki to the party with Hemsworth. “Loki was very happy to meet his pirate, he remembers him with an eye patch, for the first time. Chris thought it was hilarious he thought he was a pirate and even said, “well i do look like a pirate”

Sue says that they wanted to include Tony Stark and Captain America in their Avengers photo op with Larson, Thompson, Holland and Hemsworth:

Alex and friends brought Gamora, Captain Marvel and Star-Lord to the Avengers photo op.

Jeff, who is clearly worthy said “Who is really the worthy one?” That’s all I had to say and Chris took care of the rest. You can see by our faces, muscle flex, stance that we both pulling hard. He may have freely handed over Mjolnir to Cap in Endgame, but he is not willing to do it again with Thor.”

And finally, if you’re still looking…our own photo op with Tom Holland. This was completely my fiance Lisa’s idea, and I went along for the ride. This is of course from the Tom Holland / Zendaya Lip Sync Battle. Tom cracked up when he saw us and said something like “Oh my God you guys look amazing!” Though I must say, I got plenty of strange look from attendees who didn’t understand the reference. Worth it.