Logan Star Dafne Keen Shares Desire To Play X-23 Again

Breakout Logan star Daphne Keen has shared that she’d be very open to returning as X-23 for the MCU. Logan’s poignant send off to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine grossed $127 million, and the film garnered a number of awards too. Closing the chapter on Fox’s X-Men franchise wasn’t easy – but Logan managed it beautifully.

The best way to build on Logan’s success as well as seamlessly integrate the Fox properties and the MCU together would be to bring over X-23 and continue her story. There are a number of other ways that the MCU has been building toward integrating the X-Men. To do so successfully, however, would require a familiar face and passing the series to Dafne Keen left the perfect opening for a new temporary “leader” of the MCU’s mutants.

logan x-23

Keen spoke with Comicbook.com, and showed herself clearly ready to jump at the chance. Would she reprise her role as X-23 if asked?

“Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. 100 Percent.”

With Logan set in 2029, it might be difficult for Keen’s Laura Kinney to jump back in time to 2020. The MCU has prepared for this. Thanks to Steve Rogers scattering the time stones throughout the Marvel Universe, a dozen other timelines have sprung up  – waiting to be developed. Thanks to the mechanics of the time stone it’s possible for some to have begun in the past, say July 14 2000 – and continued to 2029.

There’s another opportunity that’s waiting in the wings as well. As we wait for New Mutants to hit theaters or streaming, the X-Men are coming. Thankfully the MCU has a leading woman in X-23 to show them the way.

Source: Comicbook.com