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Titans Podcast Season 2.5 – Episode 4: Barbara Gordon Character Spotlight

After a long hiatus, the Titans (and Doom Patrol) Podcast is finally back! For their first episode in 2021, AndyCori, and Laura get together to catch up on all the news for Titans and Doom Patrol season 3, as well as doing their first character spotlight. In the news section, the gang goes through the big Titans season 3 casting news of Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake and Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon, which they have mixed responses to. Why are there so many Batman characters joining a Teen Titans TV show?!

For their character spotlight, they go through the big history of Barbara Gordon, both during her time as Batgirl as well as Oracle. Throughout the spotlight, they focus on some of Barbara’s biggest DC storylines and her big media history. Lastly, they share their expectations and hopes for Welch’s Barbara Gordon on Titans! That and more on this episode of the Titans (and Doom Patrol) Podcast!

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