The Multiverse Saga

4 Major Things Kevin Feige Has Revealed About The Multiverse Saga’s Future

In typical Kevin Feige fashion, the Marvel Studios president dropped a lot of info during the Quantumania press tour, speaking on various upcoming projects in The Multiverse Saga. Today we will briefly break down a few things that stood out about his comments. 

Looking first at Feige’s comments about The Multiverse Saga, we are now. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Kevin was quoted saying.

“Not every film in the Infinity Saga focused on the Infinity Stones or Thanos, and it’ll be the same across 5 and 6. But we’re gearing up. People will get a taste of this in a big way in Quantumania as we lead to Avengers: Secret Wars, which I’m extremely excited for.”

This approach makes perfect sense, and it’s appreciated that not every film or series will directly tie into the overarching narrative. That was the case with the Infinity Saga that finished in 2019. Some films in that saga did indeed tie in, but not all, and we should embrace the stories coming from Marvel. We shouldn’t assume each new story will tie directly to the upcoming two Avengers films during The Multiverse Saga.

Feige was also asked about Marvel delving into making TV series for Disney+. Many fans of the MCU have noted how many shows we have received over the last couple of years. Feige was quoted saying something rather welcoming, in our opinion.

“The pace at which we’re putting out the Disney+ shows will change so they can each get a chance to shine.”

It’s possible he saw the response most of the shows had from the public, and also, let’s not forget, part of the huge amount of releases was because the world shut down for a while. Their back catalog needed to come out. However, it sometimes felt overwhelming, and the series’ episode count also felt small. With Daredevil: Born Again being 18 episodes for its first season, we will get a more fleshed-out story from the show, and hopefully, other Marvel shows follow the same path. It’s about quality over quantity, and it seems Kevin Feige understands this.

One of the biggest questions is how will the Mutants be introduced into the MCU? Feige knows, but he isn’t saying anything yet about that. He is quoted saying:

“The question is how to do it and when to do it, and that’s something we’ve been working on for years. Now we know. But we’re not going to talk about it.”

The answer is most likely Deadpool. We could be wrong on this, but with Deadpool making his way into the MCU, Wade Wilson could be the way. The plan could also include the Fantastic Four, but how would they be connected? There are a lot of theories, and and we bet someone has guessed it already. Mutants could be the next saga potentially, and think about it; The Mutant Saga has a nice ring to it. There are so many Mutants in Marvel Comics that there are endless possibilities about who Feige decides to bring in.

Finally, Feige briefly discussed Deadpool 3 with the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He was quoted saying:

“It’s amazing. And we’ve got Hugh Jackman coming back for our first Deadpool film within the MCU. That’s our first R-rated film. To have Hugh come back is incredible. For me, personally, that is where I started. I remember sitting behind the camera — well behind the camera — at his audition for the film. It was his first on-set audition, and he flew up to Toronto to do a read with Anna Paquin. For him, and for me, and I think for all of the fans of Marvel, it’s unbelievable what has happened in those 23 years. It’s very full-circle having him come back in this new Deadpool film.”

This film for fans is highly anticipated, but it also means so much to Feige. Most of the world thought they would never see Jackman return to any Marvel projects, and the idea of his final appearance in an MCU film is a nice sendoff for him. Logan was a film that will go down as one of the best comic book films ever made, but the story of that film will thankfully not be affected by his team-up with Deadpool. Deadpool 3 will probably include other appearances of the Fox-era cast of Mutants, maybe not all, but hopefully, at least Patrick Stewart interacting with Reynolds’ Deadpool would be phenomenal. 

Feige has many plans in motion, and all we can hope for is some great stories and fun characters to follow along the journey to Avengers: Secret Wars, which could be their biggest film ever. We still have hope for the future of Marvel and will be here till they decide to reboot the Marvel Universe (if that ever happens,), and as lovers of Marvel, we are not going anywhere.