DC Studios Podcast: Harley Quinn Season 4 Episodes 1-3, My Adventures With Superman Season 1 Episodes 1-5

Welcome back to the DC Studios Podcast! Vanessa and Keenon discuss the first three episodes of Harley Quinn, the animated series and the first five episodes of My Adventures With Superman, both available to stream on MAX.

harley quinn superman lois lane
Credit: MAX Animation

The pair of hosts talk Ivy and Harley’s new jobs taking them in different directions, the Bat-family, Clayface’s residency and King Shark’s odyssey into fatherhood. They also discuss the absolute adorableness of Clark, Lois and Jimmy trying to prove themselves as journalists, while all three deal with Superman’s presence in Metropolis.

After listening to this episode, check out Vanessa and Keenon’s interview with Harley Quinn supervising producers, Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton and Ian Hamilton, at San Diego Comic-Con. It’s a fine time for DC animation!

Follow the link to watch Vanessa and Keenon’s interview with Cecilia and Ian Hamilton, supervising producers of Harley Quinn the Animated Series: https://youtu.be/JERWO7LjV38

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