Blue Beetle Wins Hearts From First Reactions

Blue Beetle Wins Hearts From First Reactions

Blue Beetle has been winning over the hearts of critics and fans from early screenings. The general opinion from influencers is that Blue Beetle, starring Xolo Maridueña, is a solid superhero flick that embraces Latin culture while developing a fantastic story full of action and humor.

Fans on social media have been anticipating reactions to Blue Beetle for a while now. Even influencers had no idea when the reaction embargo would lift until this week. When that embargo lifted at 1 PM EST, fans took a huge sigh of relief when influencers’ posts came pouring in with positivity. One reaction had Blue Beetle as their favorite ‘post-Nolan DC film’:

Maridueña is getting much praise from early reactions, calling him the perfect Jaime Reyes and being excited for his role to continue into the DCU. James Gunn has confirmed that Maridueña would be the DCU’s first character, leaving fans to theorize where he would appear. Reactions also praise Bruna Marquezine, George Lopez, and the rest of the supporting cast’s quirkiness and on-screen charm.

Critics aren’t the only ones adoring the film. Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto told Hablemos De Cine that Dave Bautista has seen the movie and he adored it. Soto also said that he would love Bautisa to play the character Bane.

Many reactions also praise director Soto’s flick for having a lot of action, humor, a good story, and keeping it close to the comics. Easter eggs are always a cool thing for fans to connect with the film. According to many critics who have seen the film, there isn’t a lackluster of easter eggs. Big Screen Leaks writes:

DC will know very soon if they have a true winner on their hands as the review embargo will lift at 1 PM EST on Wednesday, August 16th.

Here is a compilation of tweet reactions:

Blue Beetle races into theaters on August 18th.