Invincible Fighting A Sea Monster

Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Review – “In About Six Hours I Lose My Virginity…”

Episode 2 continues to delve into more of the chaos of Invincible, and I have a lot to say. The episode highlights what works for the series, and one thing I can do without. The title of the episode also threw me off, but then again, this show is shocking at times. We are diving into spoilers here for the episode. You have been warned! Invincible Season 2 is definitely picking up the pace.

Mark After A Fight In The Opening Of The Episode
Invincible After A Fight In The Opening Of The Episode

Congrats to Mark for graduating High School, even though he missed most of the ceremony. I would have preferred Mark not to have to deal with a weird villain returning from Season 1. However, this highlights how time will always be an issue for him. The world needs him as Invincible, but trying to also be himself is a balancing act. He thankfully got his diploma and was able to celebrate his achievement. The kind of afterparty was strange, as Mark was just waiting to be called on by Cecil.

Later on in the episode, his mother confronts him about needing a vacation, to get away for a moment. Mark explains he isn’t a kid, and he can’t just leave. I wish Mark would take the time he has to not always be Invincible, he may get lost if he isn’t careful. When Mark takes his girlfriend on a flying trip for lunch, he gets interrupted by Cecil. I’m hoping these moments of realization of needing to balance himself kick in because he might lose more than he earns by doing this. Thankfully, Amber is understanding of his life, but she realistically will only handle so much before she has had enough.

The New Guardians Of The Globe
The New Guardians Of The Globe

Here is where my problem comes in, it’s with Dupli-Kate and Immortal. It’s revealed they are “a thing” as she called it to Rex. The reason I have a problem is Immortal was just placed as their new leader of the group, and right away this is revealed. It even more seems Cecil has no idea because we know he doesn’t like a lot of things. I assume he will find out soon, and it won’t be good for either of them. I’m not a big fan of romance in the content I watch, but most of the time I understand why it’s there. Here, it doesn’t add anything to the story, and it feels just shoehorned in to cause drama. Invincible has proven it has plenty of stories to keep us engaged, this isn’t necessary.

Eve in this episode has a great moment of helping the city of Chicago, rebuilding a park, and fixing an apartment. It’s a great gesture, and Eve felt great for helping that community. This is short-lived because her father reveals that the park collapsed, and thankfully no one was killed. Dozens were injured by her choice to help rebuild that park that was left abandoned for a reason. Eve also learns her parents are struggling financially, and she tries to help, but to no avail. I can see their point of not wanting help, but I wish there was a compromise.

Mark During A Fight With A Giant Sea Monster
Mark During A Fight With A Giant Sea Monster

The reason why Mark was pulled away from his girlfriend to marry the spouse of Aquarius after he was killed by Omni-Man. Mark was obviously terrified, but thankfully he didn’t have to marry her. Instead, he did have to fight a giant sea monster, which was a great sequence. Mark almost died, well we knew he wouldn’t, but it was close. With Mark having saved the underwater city after the creature escaped its shackles, there was a truce. Luckily Mark stopped a war from potentially happening.

We have an ending scene of Angstrom talking with another Mark from somewhere within the multiverse. He tricks him into giving away information that will help him down the road with whatever plan he has. We then see a female version of Cecil and Donald enter the room. Angstrom tells them to really punish the evil Mark before exiting. I am really intrigued by what Angstrom’s plan is, and what exactly it is. The writers are keeping us in the dark for now. We have 2 more episodes for this part of the season, I can’t wait to see what unfolds!

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