Kahhori from What If...? Season 2

Marvel’s What If…? Season 2 Review – The Good, The Bad, & The Watcher

Marvel fans were ecstatic when the infamous Marvel comics run of What If…? would be turned into an animated show within the MCU. Season 1 was received well, with some problems in terms of stories. Also, Iron Man got the short end of the stick in the episodes he appeared in. Marvel and Disney decided on a daily release for Season 2 of What If…?, but would this work? Now that all episodes have been released, let’s dive into what worked and didn’t on the second outing of this multiversal show.

Tony Stark from What If...? Season 2
Tony Stark from What If…? Season 2

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were the MCU’s faces up until Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. Since then, Marvel has shifted their focus to new characters since the start of Phase 4. Season 1 of What If…? had Tony involved, but hardly. It felt that Tony was being thrown to the sidelines when it came to the episodes he appeared. Happily, I can say Season 2 has fixed this major issue. We were supposed to get an episode of Tony featuring Gamora in Season 1. We had to wait till Season 2, but it was worth it. Tony had some great moments in the few episodes he appeared in, and that’s what matters. I am not expecting him to appear all the time throughout the multiverse, but don’t throw him away either.

The stories this time around felt along the lines of the first season. Some great, and some that could be better. The weaker episodes were fun but could have had more going on storywise. What If…? Nebula Joined the Nova Corps had a solid foundation, but falls short of what it could have been. Once again, Ronin is just a throwaway villain. They could have used him more effectively here, but no he just stands around and dies in the end. I liked Nebula being the lead, but we could have done more for the episode in terms of her, and her eventual team. What If…? The Avengers Assembled in 1602 is a perfect balance of characters moments and exciting action. It felt like an Avengers traditional episode with all the characters involved.

Kahhori, a brand new character introduced in What If...?
Kahhori, a brand new character introduced in What If…?

The most exciting thing was the introduction of a new character in this season of What If…? I loved meeting Kahhori, and discovering her powers as she was. There are limitless possibilities of what she could accomplish, and we saw that in full effect in the finale. She is one of the strongest heroes we have seen so far, and I am hoping she makes her way to live-action soon. Her introduction episode is one of the best of the season, and I felt the pain she went through. It feels that Marvel has plans for her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is brought into Secret Wars whenever we get that film.

There was a great balance of episodes of new stories and ones that continued with characters we met in Season 1. I would have personally preferred all new stories, but thankfully it wasn’t all sequel episodes. This season felt stronger the more I think about it, but not by much. What If…? is meant to explore many different areas of the multiverse, so realistically we should just have new characters. We are connected to the characters introduced in Season 1 but let’s take a chance. The audience knows how insane the multiverse is, so let’s explore it fully. Don’t limit it to some new characters, let them all be new to us. Maybe they want us to have some connections to certain characters so it’s easier to create narratives. There must be a reason behind it. The show could reach its full potential, maybe one day.

What If…? Comics from the What If…? Series

I know What If…? is based on the MCU timeline, and that most stories will center around what has been established. With Kahhori introduced, this could open the doors for more stories that aren’t necessarily connected to what we know from the Marvel universe. If What If…? continues in the next few years, we could get a Fantastic Four episode, and even Deadpool or X-Men at some point. Realistically they could appear now, but they are limiting themselves. I look forward to more possibilities because I felt during Season 2 the limitation of the series when there shouldn’t be any.

The animation once again is top-notch, and I feel it has improved from the first season. The lighting and shading felt stronger, making it a better viewing experience. Also round of applause to the voice cast. Thankfully What If…? can bring back some of the cast from the films. It makes the show feel more authentic, thanks to the voice talent who mimics the voices of the other roles. The voice for Tony is Mick Wingert, and just like the other voice mimics in What If…? He brings the essence of the voice but doesn’t try to 100% copy it.

Supreme Strange From What If...?
Supreme Strange From What If…?

The Season 2 finale saw the fall and death of Supreme Strange. One of the highlights of this season is the culmination of his story. Unfortunately, it’s the fall of this character, and how he couldn’t overcome his demons until it was too late. Seeing Captain Carter and Kahhori team up was something I didn’t think I needed. Seeing the newest Marvel character team up with Carter was great. It also got more intense when they also were using Infinity Stones, Mjolnir, Ten Rings, and more against Strange. The final battle was intense and felt like a proper finale. There could have been some more build-up to this episode than what we got, but I still loved it.

What If…? succeeds in most areas, and I wish there were more episodes each season. I am hoping Season 3 brings forth more variety and craziness than the seasons we already have. Marvel needs to let loose in this show, the fans would be thankful if they did.

Marvel’s What If…? Seasons 1 & 2 are streaming on Disney+ now.