Cobra Kai Final Season Predictions

Cobra Kai Final Season Predictions: What Could Happen?

It’s no exaggeration that many Cobra Kai predictions have popped up online heading into its final season. The series has been a massive hit for Netflix and trended on the platform instantly when the first two seasons were added after the show was bought from YouTube. Season 3 shortly followed, which continued its giant success worldwide. We all witnessed another intense finale closing out Season 5, and now the sixth and final season is on its way. Let’s predict what fans could witness during the final outing of Cobra Kai. SPOILERS FOR SEASON 5 OF COBRA KAI!

Terry Silver Isn’t Done Yet!

Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver in Cobra Kai
Thomas Ian Griffith As Terry Silver In Cobra Kai

After the arrest of Terry Silver at the end of the fifth season, the question is, what is his role in the final season? With his heavy involvement in Season 5 up to this point, his story can’t just end now. Some fans see Terry getting the charges dropped and attending the Sekai Taikai, the biggest karate tournament in the world. Terry planned to make Cobra Kai expand globally with a tournament win. He built the style of karate and wants to see it flourish after he is gone.

It is also possible that Terry could be pushing for his legacy due to something more personal. Fans have pointed to particular moments in the fifth season that may hint that Terry is dying. This could be far-fetched, but with the twists the showrunners love to throw at us, it’s still possible this could be the case.

John Kreese Gets Revenge, Or Redeemed?

Martin Cove as John Kreese from Cobra Kai
Martin Cove as John Kreese from the Cobra Kai Season 1 Finale

Many Cobra Kai viewer predictions from viewers revolve around the ever-fascinating John Kreese, played by Martin Cove. Fans of Cobra Kai believed the true villain of the series was John Kreese, but now the tides have turned. Terry Silvers betrayed Kreese during the Season 4 finale, which made Kreese want revenge. The two were brothers, as we have learned from the film series and Cobra Kai flashbacks. John will not let this betrayal go unanswered. But how will he get it? Terry would have to be free from jail for this storyline to conclude satisfyingly. Through what all our characters have gone through, it’s possible that John could team up with our heroes, Daniel LaRusso & Johnny Lawrence against Terry.

This a long shot, but it would be surprising to see the three of them team up to take down Cobra Kai during the tournament. John also tried to reach out to Johnny at one point before his arrest in Season 4. It’s more likely Terry will have one final fight against John, and the outcome? I think John could win that fight.

Cobra Kai Will Be Finished

Cobra Kai show logo
Cobra Kai logo

The biggest question regarding the final season is how Cobra Kai will conclude. Johnny Lawrence revived the style of Karate he grew up with at a low point in his life. The character has grown over the five seasons, and for him to help end it once and for all would be fantastic storytelling. If the earlier prediction of John Kreese joining Johnny’s side with Daniel LaRusso, a storyline, 40 years in the making, would be wrapped up. Cobra Kai has been about growth with the characters we grew up watching and the next generation of kids. Johnny has learned the harm his former dojo causes and doesn’t want it to influence others. Maybe out of all the other predictions, Cobra Kai’s downfall will be the one to come true.

Julie Pierce Finally Returns!

Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce with Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi from The Next Karate Kid
Hilary Swank & Pat Morita as Julie Pierce & Mr. Miyagi from The Next Karate Kid

The most significant request, or demand, from fans is for Julie Pierce from The Next Karate Kid to appear in the series before it ends. Since our characters are heading to the Sekai Taikai in the final season, many believe we could see Julie being a sensei for her dojo. We don’t know if Daniel LaRusso ever met Julie, but it’s never too late if they haven’t. Since their connection to Mr. Miyagi, they may have met at some time between the films and this series. Many Cobra Kai predictions have centered around Julie Pierce over the years.

The showrunners have been coy when asked about her potential appearance. All signs point to at least an acknowledgment of her within this world. Hilary has also been often asked about her reprising her role and was quoted as saying, “No one’s called me!” she said, adding, “but it’s so funny, isn’t it? That’s the one thing I get asked the most and no one’s called me?” during an interview on Live with Kelly & Ryan. She could be under NDA and can’t speak on what is going on, but only time will tell if this comes true.

Cobra Kai‘s final season is expected in 2024 on Netflix.