NEWS: DC (and Brainiac) Apply the Pressure with Superman: House of Brainiac Special

Superman: House of Brainiac Special #1 (cover art by Jamal Campbell) is a 48-page one-shot that dives into Superman and the Super-family’s fight against Brainiac. Available Tuesday, April 30. 

If you’ve been keeping up with Superman and Action Comics, you’re aware Superman and company have been taken (some of them literally) by surprise with a Brainiac attack, featuring a Czarnian army. After a slightly disappointing Bizarro arc, Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval have brought the Superfam back into focus with this fantastic crossover. 

The story kicked off with Action Comics #1064 and continued in Superman, Power Girl, and now the upcoming Superman: House of Brainiac Special #1, with another incredible main cover by Jamal Campbell. 

Superman: House of Brainiac Special #1 cover art by Jamal Campbell. Credit: DC Comics.

This 48 page one-shot follows the events of Action Comics #1064 and Superman #13 (Supergirl recalls her time with a Brainiac! Superman gets a cool ass bike!), with “three stories providing deeper insight into Brainiac’s plans and how the disappearance of the Man of Steel is impacting the citizens (and potential government) of Metropolis,” according to DC Comics. 

“Secrets of Czarnia”

This mini-story written by Williamson, with art by Edwin Galmon and Dave Sharpe, “Brainiac recalls how he made a deal with Czarnia’s General Tribb to collect a city full of the planet’s most militant citizens, only to betray her and the rest of her world in the process.”

A power-hungry Brainiac weaponizing a long-dead race to attack Superman’s home and collect his family’s powers is a wild idea that hopefully gets explored a little more here. 


“Amanda Waller learns the identity of the Council of Light, and she’s not happy with what she finds out, in this story written by Williamson and art by Fico Ossio, Rex Lokus, and Dave Sharpe.”

Meanwhile, Waller has been a thorn in nearly every damn body’s side for the last six months. She’s NEVER happy, so this will, of course, end up being Superman’s problem.

“Campaign Headquarters”

Perhaps the most intriguing story in the bunch is this short by Mark Russell, with art by Steve Pugh, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Sharpe.

“With metahumans (including Superman) gone from Metropolis, and more extraterrestrials seeking asylum there, can Daily Planet editor-turned-mayoral-candidate Perry White hold the city together against an opponent looking to run all aliens out of town?”

In massive events like this, so much focus is on the heroes and their loved ones, the villains and their backstories, but rarely do we see more than a few panels of what the locals are dealing with. Considering Russell wrote this one, it’s likely to be a clever read.

Superman: House of Brainiac Special #1 will be available everywhere Tuesday, April 30. Catch up before then starting with Action Comics #1064.