Civil War Blu Ray preorder exclusive

Exclusive Civil War Pre Order at the Disney Store

If you’re a Marvel fan, there is no doubt you’ll be picking up Captain America:  Civil War when it comes out next month.  The digital download will be released on September 2nd and for old folks like me who prefer something tangible, the Blu Ray / DVD will follow on September 13th.

But if you pre-order now at the Disney Store, you can get some pretty sweet exclusive lithograph prints.  The offer is $24.95 online on the Disney Store website.  However, we strolled into the store at our local mall yesterday and it was just $21.95 plus tax.

Included are four 10″ x 14″ beautiful lithograph prints, which are stamped in gold foil.  Also included is a very nice Civil War folder to keep your prints safe, should you choose not to display them.

Civil War Disney Store Exclusive

You do have to pre-order by September 12th (while supplies last).  Order online and the Blu Ray / DVD / digital copy and lithographs will be shipped to you.  If you order online by September 4th, they will try to ship it so that you receive it on the release date of September 13th.

Buy in store however, and you take the folder and prints home with you now and go back to the store on the 13th or later to pick up your movie.  To help keep you from losing your receipt, you’ll get a cool little folder.

Civil War Disney Store Exclusive

Let’s look at those prints!  Included is one Black Panther solo print, one Team Cap, one Team Iron Man and our favorite, a concept art piece that shows part of the battle at the airport in Civil War.

Civil War Disney Store Exclusive

The folder is nice, but how can you not display these beautiful prints?  I’m thinking if you framed Team Cap and Team Iron Man and displayed them together, that would be amazing.  The prints are beautiful quality, on thick professional paper.  The foil stamp is a cool touch as well.

Civil War Disney Store Exclusive

As an added bonus (and another reason to bring you back to the store) you’ll also grab a $10 off coupon for a future purchase of $40 or more.

I can’t wait to kick back on my couch and watch all of those behind the scenes videos (and of course the blooper reel) once I have that Blu Ray.  What about you?