12 Days Of Marvel: Best Additions Of 2016

2016 was a year full of ups and down, but Marvel made sure to give us more highs than lows.

From new characters and titles such as Gwenpool to Netflix series like Luke Cage, Marvel expanded its horizons far and wide this year. As high as they’ve raised the bar already, we can only expect even better from them in 2017. Here’s a look back at some of The Marvel Report’s favorite new additions of 2016.

Brittany Rivera (Senior Staff Writer/Events)

“Hey, everyone.” With those two words, Spider-Man re-entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks to a collaboration between Marvel and Sony, everyone’s favorite web slinger was home where he rightfully belonged. His reintroduction could not have been any more perfect as he stole the show (and Cap’s shield) in Civil War. This is the Spider-Man we have been waiting for-the young, smart-alecky high school kid who just wants to fit. He hasn’t even had his own film yet and he is already one of the best parts of the MCU.
Tom Holland, being an actual teenager himself, perfectly embodies the part. He plays the role with charm and wit. Holland already fits in with the rest of the Avengers, able to hold his own in verbal sparring matches alongside comedy veterans like Robert Downey Jr. and Paul Rudd. It just makes me even more excited for him to get his own film next year.



Jennifer Redelle Carey (Event Staff/Editor)

Ana Jarvis, Mr. Jarvis’s wife from Agent Carter, while mentioned throughout season one, did not make her screen debut until season two — and what a splash that debut was! On first meeting, Peggy finds herself being instantly hugged by this red haired, colorfully printed, vivacious Hungarian woman. Peggy remarks that Ana was not what she expected, to which Ana suggests if she expected someone like “Mr. Jarvis in a girdle.”

Ana is charming, pragmatic, supportive, and loving. Lotte Verbeek does an exceptional job of bringing a character to life whom we had only heard about from Mr. Jarvis himself. The Jarvis’s relationship is iron-clad; here are two people who are deeply in love and devoted to one another and are willing to move heaven and earth for the other. And I believe that they could do just that.


Kathryn Calamia (Comics EiC/Video Reviewer)

Gabby became a supporting character in All-New Wolverine this year, and is a great addition to the title. Gabby’s upbeat charm is a great contrast to Laura’s more intense personality. Laura has become more of a big sister to Gabby, allowing Laura to open up more as a person.

Tatiana Hullender (Staff Writer)

There have been a great number of female characters introduced into the Marvel Universe this year, and several of them have pushed the envelope in terms of Marvel’s commitment to diversity. Riri Williams is one of the most notable examples of this, and she’s been much talked about and already well-loved since her first Invincible Iron Man appearance. As tragic as her backstory is, her personality and future are full of hope and optimism – which is what Marvel excels at.

The way Riri Williams has been handled thus far gives me hope for the America title coming out next year. As a Latina and avid consumer of comics, I’ve been patiently waiting for America Chavez to headline her own story. You can already bet that – if all goes well – her title will be my favorite addition of 2017.

Carolyn Poddig (Senior Staff Writer/Ast. Events Manager)


While the Legend of the Ghost Rider has been a staple of Marvel Comics for quite some time, it’s introduction into the MCU is one that I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. I might be the only fan of the Nicholas Cage movies (they were good Camp after all), but I looked forward to a more serious take on the comics. With Robbie Reyes roaring into Agents of SHIELD, I got a tortured take on a character and a legend that I loved – and the line by Coulson about the previous rider has given me hope that I might get to see Johnny Blaze (or even Danny Ketch) as well as Alejandra and the multiple other ghost riders that exist in comic canon within the MCU. The Ghost Rider legend is a powerful one and I can’t wait to see where the MCU takes it!

Also I’m a huge Grant Ward fan. He’s probably my favorite character, I’m super biased about him, and I deeply enjoyed Brett Dalton’s tenure in the MCU. To have Ward join 616 canon was a surprise and a blessing. He was still a traitor, but by the end of it Elektra (who had betrayed Matt Murdock) helped convince SHIELD and Coulson that Ward deserved a second chance. While we don’t know what he’ll do with it, the final panel of the Agents of SHIELD comic books shows him as a member of the team with his own spin on things – a jet pack! Instead of stealing iron man suits or harassing other characters, he found his own identity – with a jet pack! If there’s one incentive to read comics for me personally it’s so I can come back and see them doing something super cool with my favorite character. For now however I’m VERY content with him existing in 616 canon!

Lauren Gallaway (Editor in Charge/Director Of Operations)

Benedict Cumberbatch is easily my favorite addition to the Marvel Universe. The day he was announced to be playing Doctor Strange it felt like Christmas! He played Stephen Strange perfectly in the film. He nailed Strange’s curiosity, his temper, even his New York accent. His addition to Marvel also means we’ll be seeing him in future films like Infinity War, where he’ll hilariously and wonderfully add to the roster of amazing heroes.

Jay El (Associate Comics Editor/Reviewer)

I will have to go with Lunella Lafayette, Moon Girl! Moon Girl is the newest addition to the Inhumans line debuting in Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #1. Lunella is a 4th Grader, who just so happens to be the smartest person on Earth, and that was before her Inhuman gene was activated granting her the power of Consciousness Transference & Neuralkinesis. This power allows her to pull a Freaky Friday with Devil Dinosaur! She is brilliant and adorable, the best thing to come out of Marvel since Kamala Khan!

Brandon McKinney (Staff Writer)


The Infamous Iron Man. For a long time now Dr. Doom has been my favorite Marvel character. You have got to respect a man who on a regular basis fights against the entire Avengers team and has one hit KO’d the Hulk. Now to see him out trying to do good even though no one trusts him or his motivations is a very interesting switch. I can’t wait to see more.
Andy Behbakt (Founder)

Captain Marvel dressed as Captain Marvel reading Captain Marvel – you can’t get more meta than that. As someone who is ready for more Marvelous women to rule the big screen, this photo gave me all the nerdy feels! And I have a feeling Brie Larson will be bad-ass as Carol Danvers.
Those are our top additions to Marvel Universe in 2016! What are yours? Share in the comments below and stay tuned to The Marvel Report for more of the 12 days of Marvel!