12 Days of Marvel: Best Comic Book Heroes/Villains/Characters of 2016

2016 is almost over and to celebrate we here at The Marvel Report are looking back at our favorite Marvel comic book heroes/villains/characters from the year.

Contributors: Brittany, Tatiana, Jeremy, Jay, Blaise, Kat  

Editor: Kat 


Brittany Rivera – Senior Writer & Event Assistant Manager

Favorite Villain (Muse)- My favorite Marvel comics villain this year is a newer one, Muse from Charles Soule and Ron Garney’s Daredevil run. He has only been in 2 issues so far, but I’m pretty terrified. We get introduced to him as a killer that uses human blood to create artwork. On Twitter Soule said he, “liked the idea of someone with an extremely pure motivation (creation of art) who refuses to let conventional morality get in his way.” Spooky. And unlike a lot of other comic book heroes I feel like we see.


Favorite Hero (Jane Foster – Thor) – My favorite Marvel hero this year has to be Jane Foster as Thor. Written by Jason Aaron with art by Russell Dauterman, it shows Jane’s struggle with being the Goddess of Thunder as well as her battle with cancer. While I might not be caught up on the series, I find Jane’s power and strength inspiring. She fights for the realms and lives of others, even if it comes at the cost of her own health.

Kat Calamia – Comic Editor


Gwen Stacy – Spider-Gwen

Spider-Gwen made stronger bonds with her friends and family, but these bonds were also tested this year. Spider-Gwen and many of the other spider characters shine when they are interacting with their supporting characters. This year Gwen had more interactions with Jessica Drew, Cindy Moon, The Mary Janes, her father, and even Harry Osborn. But all these relationships came with their struggles: Gwen and Cindy not having the best relationship because of their differing personalities, The Mary Janes wanting Gwen to open up more with MJ having speculations that Gwen is Spider Woman, and Gwen finally having an honest relationship with her father for it just to be taken away from her.


Cassie Lang – Stature/Stinger

This year for Cassie Lang it was about analyzing her relationship with her father. Scott had always been Cassie’s best friend, her hero. Things changed after Scott started to pull himself away from Cassie at the worst time: as she was still dealing with coming back to life, and leaving the hero life. Cassie was so desperate to get her powers back that she teamed up with the villain, and became Stinger. Astonishing Ant-Man was about breaking Cassie and Scott’s relationship allowing them to have a stronger bond in the end.


Zoe Zimmer

If you follow my work it’s no secret that supporting characters are important to me because relationships are important to shape a main lead. In the first volume of Ms. Marvel Zoe was just a mean girl character. She was there to showcase how high school can suck sometimes, but this year I was happy to see Zoe became a fleshed out supporting character.

Tatiana – Associate Comic Editor


Favorite Hero (Silk) – Silk has spent time in 2016 as both a hero and a villain, and she’s captured my heart as both. As a young woman whose major purpose in life is reuniting with her family and protecting them from whatever horrors have befallen them, she’s supremely relatable. Not to mention how understandable it is to struggle when it comes to doing the right thing. The best of us could be put off by the cold machinations of SHIELD or momentarily taken in by Black Cat’s warmth. Watching Cindy Moon misplace and subsequently pick up her moral compass has been a rewarding journey, and I look forward to wherever else it goes!

Jeremy Dulce – Comic Staff Writer


Favorite Hero (Nova, Ms Marvel, Spider-Man) – My favorite moment would have to be Sam Miles, and Kamala quitting the Avengers. This showed just how much these characters have grown and matured. I would also say that these 3 are my favorite characters, because by forming The Champions they are showing that in a world where people don’t trust heroes as much they used to that their is hope. These three provide a strong voice for a new generation unlike anything Marvel has seen in a very long time. That’s why these 3 have earned spots for both my favorite moment and characters of the year.

Jay – Associate Comic Editor


Favorite Hero (Viv Vision) – Favorite Hero, I am going with a newbie, and one we haven’t seen much of yet so far as her story is really only just beginning and that is Viv Vision. The potential for a great character is there, Tom King built a great foundation and Mark Waid is following the blueprints perfectly.


Favorite Villain (The Jackal/Ben Reilly) – My favorite Villain will have to be The Jackal/Ben Reilly. I think the emotional impact of that reveal really knocked Peter off his game and will be the reason why he will join forces with him, and that makes a great villain. Now that is not saying I want him in that role, I honestly hope they redeem him and PLEASE all I want for Christmas is for Ben Reilly to come out of The Clone Conspiracy a live and a hero!

Blaise Hopkins – Staff Writer


Favorite Hero (Nighthawk) – Nighthawk was a character I knew nothing about until I read through David F. Walker’s six issue run with the character. The character had a great moral stance and edge that isn’t normally found in Marvel characters and operated as a vigilante who did what was necessary to eliminate all of the racism and corruption in Chicago. He easily became one of my favorite Marvel characters through his actions and beliefs.


Favorite Hero (Power Man & Iron Fist) – These two come as a package deal and have been great in their current story together. The dynamic between Luke and Danny is pure and a great representation of honest friendship; two guys who have each other’s backs no matter what. Their personalities play off one another great and make the comic a ton of fun.


Favorite Villain (Thanos) – The star of his own series, Thanos is becoming more compelling than ever. It’s great to see the Mad Titan get his own book and now readers are truly getting a look into one of the galaxy’s toughest villain’s mind. Thanos has been an interesting read but I enjoy seeing power represented in such a pure form and it makes Thanos one of my favorite villains.


Favorite Villain (Muse) Daredevil has introduced an original villain in Muse that is super cool, super mysterious and pretty evil. As messed up as the story has been, Muse has been pulling off some incredible schemes that are unique compared to all other villains. He’s straight up bad and psychotic which is what I like in a good ol’ villain.

Carolyn Podding – Staff Writer


Favorite Hero (Ghost Rider) – Robbie Reyes has been a blessing this year – from Agents of SHIELD to the comics. Drawn by Felipe Smith (one of the nicest human beings ever) I’ve loved everything about Robbie’s story, his LA history, and his love for his brother. Not only is he an awesome addition to the MCU and the comics universe he’s a much needed hero of color and a worthy heir to the Johnny Blaze legacy. With his new comic – here’s hoping Robbie has a long and illustrious career within Marvel – Keep riding pal!