5 Things We’d Like To See Happen In Marvel’s Runaways

Runaways is probably one of the most anticipated adaptations that Marvel is producing.  With the new footage and a series announcement , Who are the Runaways? How does their presence fit into the MCU at large? Let’s take a look at the top five things we’d like to see in the adaptation that the internet has wanted since the announcement of a Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel's Runaways

5. A Robbie Reyes Cameo Isn’t Just Possible, It Should Be A Requirement.

While we’re still waiting on a potential Ghost Rider spin off (Remember, #WeWantGhostRider everyone!) Robbie is more then just a step into wider Latinx representation in the MCU.  The Runaways series takes place in Los Angeles and given the eventual team up between The Defenders, it’s hopeful that we could see Ghost Rider team up with the runaways themselves.  This isn’t far fetched – television schedules are much easier to navigate then film schedules and Robbie has already teamed up with characters like Amadeus Cho and Laura Kinney in the comics.  A Ghost Rider cameo in Runaways would be a nice way to show that it’s all connected and build a Los Angeles universe similar to The Defenders in New York City.

Marvel's Runaways

4. Cloak And Dagger And The Runaways Must Meet.

The similar start dates and the mention of Cloak and Dagger on Agents of SHIELD indicate that Tyrone and Tandy are expected to play major roles in the MCU going forward.  With Cloak and Dagger cast, it’s important to remember that the runaway superhero team meets the runaways in the comics.  All are connected by a desire to escape their pasts, their parents, and build their own futures however Cloak and Dagger through the machinations of the villainous Pride are initially introduced as antagonists to the Runaways.  Could the similar start dates indicate that there might be some cameos already scheduled?  Could Cloak and Dagger be the first antagonists after their parents that the young Runaways must face?

Most likely not. However their paths do cross to say quite a few things about family, friendship, and making your own path in life.  The course is clear. The Runaways must meet.

Marvel's Runaways

3. It’s Time For Some Deeper Exploration Into New Frontiers.

Doctor Strange was an amazing film and important to Runaways canon. Fans will recall that star Nico Minoru’s mother was scheduled to appear in Strange.  While the moment was brief (too brief for many) the fall of Nico’s mother from trusting the ancient one deserves exploration – as well as more of the “magical” culture apparently existing beneath the MCU since it’s conception and beyond.  We’ve seen glimpses of this with Eli Morrow’s backstory and Robbie Reyes, Nico’s mother has apparently been a sorcerer since the MCU’s conception.   This is a real chance to get an in-depth look at the magical society that Strange became a part of.

While a Strange cameo is unlikely (I’d campaign for it however) getting to explore the magical society that created Strange is an opportunity the MCU would be very silly to pass up.  Plus, it’s the tip of the ice berg since we’ll also most likely see…

Marvel's Runaways

2. Molly Hernandez

Molly Hernandez gets her own section as, comics wise, “Princess Powerful” (aka Bruiser) is a mutant and her parents have to deal with mutant discrimination.  With mutants firmly in Fox’s control (and Legion dropping February 8th) either Molly is an alien (likely, but comics wise that distinction belongs distinctly to Karolina Dean) something supernatural (entirely possible) or inhuman.

Molly deserves an article in and of herself, but for now let’s say that as far as New Frontiers go a glimpse into the inhuman society that has been briefly shown and hinted at being far broader then we’ve seen on Agents of SHIELD would not go amiss.  If Molly were say to undergo accidental terragenesis thanks to an errant piece of fish with her parents confused about her heritage, it could offer a fascinating new dynamic and another frontier to explore.

Marvel's Runaways

1. Address The Micro And Macro Universes

Time and again Marvel has said “It’s All Connected” with very few direct indications that it really is.  A lighter series is the perfect opportunity to address this and while teenage angst is the main focus of Runaways, the strength of the producers comes from producing angst and humor.  You have only to turn to Gilmore Girls to see how they apply humor to the simple act of growing up.  A little meta in a world of kids whose parents range from Doctors to Hollywood Actors wouldn’t go amiss at all in the hands of such capable artisans.

Simply put, Runaways which has been rumored to be everything from a film to an animated series needs to be mentioned in the MCU at large, if only to indicate the massive fanbase this series has.  Either a joke, (We can’t work together!? we’re like – like competing hollywood studios it just doesn’t work!) or a vague allusion (We’re worse then the avengers) should happen in Runaways.  The avengers however should mention the kids who are inspired by their history.

There are far more technical things that we want to see (Old Lace! Chase’s gadgets! Nico and the staff of one! ) but these are must haves for the series and trust us, we’ll be posting continuous updates about Runaways and all the technical details.  With an incredible cast and a hotly anticipated property, we at the Marvel Report are beyond excited. Are you? What do you want to see in Runaways? Sound off in the comments below and share with us true believers.  With a pending release date and a filming start date of February 13th, Runaways stars Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder, Lyrica Okano as Nico Minoru, and Ariela Barer as Gert Yorkes.  A premiere date has yet to be determined.