Unboxing LootCrate’s July Marvel Goods & Gear Crate

*Spoilers ahead for the July LootCrate from Marvel*

LootCrate’s newest Marvel Goods & Gear box dropped this past July and it was packed to the brim with Spider-Man related items. Not featured in the video due to the fact that they came at a later date are a couple of items from the last box. A pair of Groot sunglasses were not up to LootCrate’s standards and were withheld from the box as well. Together, along with a pair of Hydra vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. socks, the sunglasses were shipped out and arrived a few short days after July’s box.

July’s LootCrate box came packed with an abundance of Spidey-themed items. The first pair of items rolled up inside vacuum-sealed plastic were a pair of throw pillows. One of the pillows was white and pink with Spider-Gwen, the other pillow is black and red with Miles Morales on it. The next item is a pair of Spider-Verse sleeping shorts with all sorts of Spidey-related characters on them. While the shorts are awesome, they weren’t designed for someone who is 6-foot-5 and my wife was more than happy to receive them. Next up was a Spider-Woman valet tray that you put together by snapping buttons on the vegan leather material featuring a Jessica Drew scene. Next up was a Spider-Man sleeping mask, complete with a Spidey look on the eyes. Lastly, every Marvel Goods & Gear LootCrate box comes with a pin and this box’s pin is Venom, keeping with their villains theme.

Check out the video below to see the unboxing and all the goodies for yourself!

This box isn’t as practical as some of the other boxes they’ve sent, but the items were a lot of fun. The throw pillows have already found their way on my bed and the valet tray makes for a perfect bedside item-holder. The sleeping mask may come in handy, but it certainly won’t be happening during the 110 degree summer heat here in Bakersfield. This was an outstanding crate and the make-up items from the last crate were equally as cool. Here’s to hoping that Marvel Goods and Gear continues to provide a quality LootCrate experience.

You can sign up for Marvel Goods and Gear right here, the boxes come every other month and contain $75 worth of merchandise.