Marvel Heroes Omega

Marvel Heroes Omega Officially Shuts Down

This announcement made yesterday on the Marvel Heroes Omega twitter came as no surprise. It was inevitable that this was going to happen. It’s just that this happened all too quickly. When Disney/Marvel cut ties with the team at Gazillion, they began to shut the game down slowly. First by phasing out the microtransaction model that these free to play games are known for, essentially making everything open in the game. They were hoping for a December 31st shut down but just couldn’t keep the lights on. And then the day before US Thanksgiving word got out that everyone working on the game was let go without severance, paid time off, and with their insurance essentially ended immediately as well. It honestly was the worst way to end a pretty fun game.

I played the game for the short amount of time it was available on consoles, and I definitely had a blast trying to rank up as many heroes to max as I could.

Marvel Heroes Omega allows you to chose any character from their roster (Daredevil, Star-Lord, Iceman, Hulk, and even Squirrel Girl) and play as them up to level 10 with an option to unlock them using in-game currency, premium or not. And through the game, you faced off against so many villains from the Marvel Universe like Kingpin, Juggernaut, Mr. Sinister, Dr. Doom, and Loki. There were so many plans for the future of this game including movie and show tie-ins and loads of new characters and costumes, which some were in the game.

So if you got a chance to play it feel good that you got to play it and to those who passed you guys totally missed out. Currently, players are asking for refunds from Sony and Microsoft for the money they put in and all I have to say is that the CEO and other executives from Gazillion shouldn’t have treated their staff in the way that they did especially before the holidays. And I hope justice is found for the developers. The silver lining to this is that other game studios have opened their doors for the Gazillion team to join in so hopefully they all find work with companies that will treat them the way that they deserved to be treated.

I honestly have not much else to say on the matter. Marvel Heroes Omega was fun despite its flaws and brought characters together that will probably never get together to fight again. It’s a shame that the game ended the way it did but there’s always hope on the horizon for something new. Heck DC Universe Online is still kicking so there’s a chance a similar fashioned game for Marvel might pop up in the future. But thanks again to the developers of this game.

Now don’t let this ruin the fact that the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer has finally been released. So please go check that out here!