#SHIELD100: Fan Favorite Agents of SHIELD Episodes

The best part of #SHIELD100 has been seeing just how many people are sharing their favorite character stories, moments, and parts of the show. A surprising part has been the pictures, cosplay, and art people have created to celebrate their favorite characters. As the show has progressed, people have clearly developed attachments to multiple characters and reading about how they’ve influenced folks has been a real pleasure. People take the lessons from characters like Coulson, Daisy, Fitz, and Simmons and apply them to their lives proving that Agents of SHIELD isn’t just a television show with fans, it’s had a real impact.

We have been counting down to the 100th episode with the saddest deaths, favorite plot twists, favorite guest stars, and performances. Now we take it back to you, the fans, to hear about your favorite episodes for this final chapter of #SHIELD100. What made you fall in love with Agents of SHIELD? What moments stand out? We have everything from essays to personal reflections about the characters shows that Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen have created. It’s is something special. Their impact to the MCU can’t be overstated. Strap into your Quinjet seats as we continue our look at the top moments of Agents of SHIELD from the folks who matter the most to this show – the fans.

First: Fans who love it all