Luke Cage

Netflix Cancels Luke Cage After Two Seasons

Exactly a week after the cancelation of Iron Fist, Netflix has axed another Marvel hero. Deadline revealed today that Luke Cage has officially been canceled and will not be brought back for a third season. So what caused the cancellation of the Mike Colter led series? According to the trade, it was a major combination of creative differences and struggle to figure out new deals for the Marvel series.

The powers that be were trying to cut down the third season of Luke Cage down from 13 episodes to 10 episodes. The writer’s room has been working on scripts for six months but were put on hold in September, due to the fact that Netflix and Marvel were trying to figure out a way on how to make the new episode order work.

But, as Deadline specified, this didn’t seem to work at all as it led to “behind-the-scenes turmoil” in the last two days. As Marvel and Netflix not being able to get to a middle ground, Harlem’s Hero had lost his chances of being renewed for another season.

Unlike Iron First, it doesn’t seem like the Disney streaming service is even considering saving the show. The only Marvel shows remaining on Netflix that have the new season coming up are The Punisher and Jessica Jones for a respective second and third season. Daredevil just came out with its third season today on Netflix, and now there are speculations as to whether or not that will be its final season too.

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