Tesseract Talk

Tesseract Talk – Episode 1: The Endgame Megasode

Welcome to the first episode of Tesseract Talk, The Marvel Report’s weekly show dedicated to you, the fans. Each week we will be taking questions from our loyal readers (you) and answering them to the best of our ability. I recorded a couple of test episodes that you can view here and here, but today marks the beginning of a new chapter. From this point forward, I will be doing these episodes in conjunction with The Marvel Report. If you would like to submit questions for future episodes, you may email them to us at [email protected] or you may tweet your questions to @TheMarvelReport or @FightOnTwist and we will do our best to answer them as soon as possible. We will always treat your questions with dignity and respect.

This episode is an Endgame-Megasode. We normally shoot for about 10-15 minute episodes, but we ran the gantlet (pun absolutely intended) and answered every question we had submitted. As a result, this episode is closer to 20 minutes in length, but your questions were so good that we had to spend the right amount of time addressing them. A couple questions include:

— What do you expect now from Guardians 3? I like what Thor has become since Taika Waititi. How do you feel James Gunn will do with Thor, assuming he is part of the Guardians now? — Tony Gerdeman

— If you could turn any Marvel comic arc into a movie, what would you chose? We did a podcast years back and I did the Doomwar saga. Heavens of I remember my casting choices. — Bearded Theo

Without further ado, here is this week’s episode of Tesseract Talk. We hope that you enjoy. If you do, like and subscribe to receive future updates on upcoming episodes and more great content from The Marvel Report. Thanks for watching!