Is Disney+’s Hawkeye Setting Up for ‘Young Avengers?’

Recently Hailee Steinfeld was confirmed to be in talks with Marvel to portray Kate Bishop, aka the other Hawkeye in the Disney + series.

This, of course, means that the show will not center solely around the Hawkeye many fans know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but rather it will be about Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) handing the mantle over to Kate Bishop.

The character Kate Bishop is a young woman who takes up the ‘Hawkeye’ moniker in issue #12 of Young Avengers after Clint Barton was killed. Kate is initially a civilian but is left traumatized when she is the victim of a vicious attack in Central Park. It is this act that spurs Kate to become versed in combat training which leads to her joining the Young Avengers.

This begs the question: if Marvel is introducing Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who else (if any others) might we be seeing from the Young Avengers?

Marvel has many directions it could go in terms of introducing the other members of Young Avengers through the Hawkeye television series. For instance, since the events of Endgame, we all know that Scott Lang’s daughter is now a teenager since he returned from the Quantum Realm.

In the comics, Cassie joins the Young Avengers after Scott’s death but is it possible that we may be seeing an introduction to Stature/Stinger on the Disney+ series? Kate Bishop entering the MCU could open the door to many new storylines.

What are your predictions for the new Hawkeye series?