Marvel Housewares Make Me Love My Kitchen

I recently have moved and was in need of a fresh set of household supplies. Being the nerd that I am, I wasn’t content with just the average plain kitchen utensils and set about searching to level up my kitchen.  I am considering doing an Avengers theme or perhaps focus on one Marvel character, but choosing just one is too hard to do.

Just what a genius, billionaire, philanthropist, playboy needs to make cofee.

First stop was being a prime member has come in handy for free 2 day shipping and easy search options. My first search for “Marvel Kitchen” brought up a Captain America shield cutting board, a Waffle maker  , and a shield spatula. Considering how much I love Cap, this was a total win.  They also have a Captain America crock-pot, Deadpool oven mitts, an Iron Man single cup coffee maker, AND a Spider Man toaster that will toast a spider right into your bread. My favorite item found on Amazon might be this Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt because every kitchen should have one. ( Never mind, It has been recalled for catching on fire and burning people. Not what you want from an oven mitt)

Captain America kitchen tools makes cooking fun.

Next Stop was another favorite site they represent so many different fandoms at great prices (also have a great sales from time to time). Even though I have more than enough nerd mugs and cups so I kept searching and found the Captain America BBQ set that I couldn’t resist.

Williams Sonoma has an awesome Spiderman spatula set to go with the Spidey apron and the Avengers cookie cutter set that mysteriously found their way into my cart.

Now to just finish off with some art work. Marvel art isn’t that hard to find, but I am especially fond of this Daredevil print found on Deviant Art.

To finish off my kitchen, I think I need to find a great Avengers floor mat and perhaps some matching curtains. Perhaps I will have something custom made through  Do you have a Marvel kitchen or special Marvel décor for your house? Share your nerdy housewares in the comments!