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Titans Podcast Season 2.5 – Episode 3: Titans Season 3 Costume Reveals & RUMORS

2020 has been a crazy year but Titans Podcast is back to cover all the Titans news AND rumors before wrapping up the year! In this episode, AndyCori, and Laura get together to discuss the major costume reveals of Jason Todd’s Red Hood costume as well as Kory Anders’ Starfire uniform that will appear in Titans season 3! What did the trio think about these new costumes? In addition to that, the gang goes through some very interesting Titans rumors that may or may not include the arrival of Tim Drake?! And is The Joker showing up too?! That and more on this episode of the Titans (& Doom Patrol) Podcast! Thanks for 2020 and here’s for a way better 2021 so from everyone on the podcast: Happy Holidays, stay safe, and have a happy new year!

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