Agents Of SHIELD Season 4 Surprises: Why You Should Catch Up Before April

Agents of SHIELD doesn’t return into April, but with the surprises that 4.15 brought us, the final arc of season 4 is looking to be explosive and unbelievable.  You can check out our review here  (warning, spoilers inbound).  The surprises in 4.15 were so explosive that it’s drawn back a number of people who might have given up on the series. Delivering the best episode of the show to date, Agents of SHIELD’s final 7 episodes are taking us back to the start – back to season one, and back to storylines that fans of the show since day one have been interested in.

What about the rest of the season however?  If you’re looking for a way to fill the void we picked some of our favorite surprises from the rest of season 4.  We’ll be covering all 3 previous seasons every Tuesday with articles, spotlights, and fan interviews of course, but you should make sure to use the next six weeks to catch up on the first entry into the television corner of the MCU.  Why though? What’s in it for you?


Marvel’s 3rd season concluded an epic inhuman arc with the introduction of Hive, an inhuman who was the literal inspiration behind HYDRA (ironic, given that an organization founded on oppression was inspired by a being who was turned into a monster against it’s will.) Season 4 picked up with Ghost Rider, carrying the special effects ball and keeping it rolling.  Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider redefined the character, pulling him away from the unique Nicholas Cage performance and giving him a soulful human backstory.  Actor Gabriel Luna and character creator Felipe Smith took to twitter to share the story of Robbie Reyes and fans have continued to respond positively.

Hopes of a series are still very strong (#WeWantGhostRider guys!) and hopes that Robbie Reyes will return in the final arc of season four are even stronger.  With fans hoping that character Daisy Johnson will perhaps find solace with Robbie after the death of her beloved Lincoln, Robbie’s introduction into the MCU has offered limitless possibilities.  Ghost Rider not only raised the already high special effects bar, but it delivered a story arc that appealed to everyone.  He inspired cosplay looks, comic books, and fans and is more then worthy of your time and attention.


The previous 3 seasons gave us a look at our five person main cast, but season 3 and the beginning of season 4 really gave us a chance to dig deep into these fascinating character backstories.  From Slingshot, a web series focusing on fan favorite character Elena ‘Yo-Yo’ Rodriguez, to the tragedy of Mack’s daughter Hope, we’ve seen every single actor stretch their muscles and show off their craft.  They’ve had ample opportunity with foils like Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider, but some of the most surprising and soulful performances have come from people who have been there since Day One.  Ming Na Wen’s Melinda May and Elizabeth Henstridge’s Jemma Simmons have particularly shone with Jemma torn between her love for her partner Leopold Fitz and SHIELD, and Melinda May facing her past and trying to move past the loss of Blair Underwood’s Andrew Garner.

Even Coulson, recovering from the tragedy of Rosalind Price’s death and his actions against SHIELD traitor Grant Ward has had tales to tell, from returning to the field to working opposite Jason Omara’s Patriot and Adrian Pasdar’s Glenn Talbot.  The fan favorite character who’s career with Marvel began over a decade ago has become a nuanced character who’s presence – if episode 4.15 is any indication – has had such an impact on the MCU that his lack of involvement in the organization can change reality as they know it.  Everyone has delivered in season 4, and their performances in the previous episodes are a must view before catching up with the final seven episodes and following the Agents of HYDRA.