Runaways Sets Los Angeles Filming Date Of February 13th

The Runaways are coming.

With Cloak and Dagger’s casting announcement and the announcement of it’s pilot landing a directorRunaways  has been woefully short on news.  We have no idea who’ll be playing the very popular fan favorite characters which leads to a lot of questions.  Questions Marvel is fine with us having, because according to the runaways are coming. Specifically to Los Angeles, starting February 13th.

According to CBR, the Runaways is scheduled to begin production under the working title Rugrats on February 13th 2017. That leaves a little over a week to get information together – but who are the Runaways? Marvel has announced showrunners for Runaways as well as the fact that one of the writers for Iron Fist would be switching gears to work on the team drama, but there have been no further casting news.

Here’s where we enter the realm of speculation.  Runaways is filming in Los Angeles. That makes sense as the majority of the comic book takes place in Los Angeles.  So why no information about Runaways casting? Sharp eyed Agents of SHIELD take note:

Big Debuts? This season has seen the introduction of Ghost rider which we can only hope will become a Netflix and or Hulu Series (remember, #WeWantGhostRider everybody!) But big debuts? Begin speculation but I’d put together that the Runaways will make their debut on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD. It’s not far fetched – the series has dropped a Cloak and Dagger reference. With Marvel’s first big TV thing introducing it’s next big TV thing however, Runaways appearing on ABC would make sense.  The series is about the good  – and the bad – people trying to find families.  From Daisy Johnson herself to Fitz to Grant Ward SHIELD is an organization trying to make a name for itself finding and defining family to others .

With mixed results.

It’s probably not true but who knows what the future holds? It’s an intriguing possibility, however a lot of Runaways news could drop in the coming week. Stay tuned to The Marvel Report as we keep you abreast of all the Runaways news. Be sure to share your opinions about it in the comments below!