Legion Interactive Experience In Los Angeles Uses Blippar To Broaden The Mind

Guys, Legion is going to be amazing. From the art gallery to the multimedia and posters put out to promote the comic based television show – everything seems to point to a hit for the Fox Marvel Universe.  Our favorite part has to be the work put in to launch the first show of the Fox Universe, including work that takes people out of the television realm to ours.  This past weekend we visited the Legion interactive experience at the corner of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles.

Remember when we said you’d have to download the blippar app? A friend downloaded the app to view the interactive experience. “I wasn’t sure what this would do initially.” said Marvel Report supporter April Dominello, “When I turned it on though it started pinging the various objects around my room. It identifies anything that I point it at!” We were both unsure as to what it would do when pointed at the poster – but thankfully we weren’t disappointed.  When she aimed the blippar app at the poster pictured above – we got to see just what the future of Legion – and indeed the future of marketing would entail.  The blippar app made the poster explode in front of the two of us.  It then offered a link to the website for the show.

This was – frankly – cool. As a student of marketing the blippar app could represent a new dimension of advertisement.  Imagine pointing a phone at a poster and then seeing it come to life.  You could even host giveaways with it, go to the interactive sites, or pick up a poster and say that if you gather one (like we did) you could win another prize.  It was just plain cool.

From there however we went in search for the interactive poster – a smaller version of the major interactive experience at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.  We found it at Golden Apple Comics.  Fans might know Golden Apple as a favorite of local legend Gabriel Luna (AKA Ghost Rider).  I was unbelievably impressed to actually go to the place.  It’s a favorite of comic artists and illustrators.   The entire vibe of the store screamed geek chic, and they had plenty of posters.  We tried blippar out on a few and they do work – so The Marvel Report will be bringing a few (courtesy of Golden Apple Comics) to our convention appearances at Long Beach Comic Expo February 18-19 and Comic Con Revolution on May 13th.  If you’re a fan of Legion come on down.

Don’t forget to check your local comic book shop to see if you can pick up a poster.  Remember to check out David Haller’s television debut on FX, February 8th, 2017 and tell us what you think in the comments below. Excelsior!