Review: Marvel Heroes Assemble Event at Disneyland

Ever since Disney acquired the rights to Marvel and incorporated our favorite heroes into Disney Parks, the result has been an immersive Marvel experience. Now a park goer could take a picture with comic book icons such as Captain America and Spider-Man right after getting a churro from a food cart around the corner. The Heroes Assemble event takes that experience even further with a whole night dedicated to Marvel, itself. Heroes Assemble is part of the park’s within the confines of the park and focuses on the older fans, hence the late timeslot. But what exactly is it that makes Heroes Assemble different from the average visit to Disney California Adventure? One of the biggest attractions at Heroes Assemble is the Marvel characters that do not normally appear at the park throughout the year. One such character that rarely makes appearances is Iron Man.

The characters were not just limited to the Avengers characters, however. At the event, park attendees were able to see veteran characters dressed as their favorite Avengers such as Chip and Dale as Thor, and Loki and Goofy dressed as Iron Man. Mickey and Minnie even Disneybounded as Captain America and Spider-Gwen!

Additionally, the Marvel superheroes theme didn’t just stop at the costumed characters. The theme even extended to the food! One of the food items included the All-American Burger, which you may have guessed was themed after Captain America. The burger absolutely lived up to its name, featuring a beef patty, American cheese, and a hot dog split in twain, all smothered with chili and topped with a mini American flag. However, the main attraction of the park food were the 6 Infinity Churros. Each churro had a different flavor and a different color, representing each of the Infinity Stones that was featured in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Overall, the Heroes Assemble event had so much to offer, from merchandise to interactions with beloved characters. It is quite literally a playground for both children and adults. Excelsior! A big thank you to Jeanie Herger who made it possible for me to attend this exclusive event. You can follow her on Instagram: @banahyde.