‘Iron Fist’ Solo Title Coming To Marvel

With Netflix’s Iron Fist series looming over the horizon, Marvel has seen it fit to give Danny Rand his own comic as well. He’s already the-costar of Power Man and Iron Fist alongside his best friend Luke Cage, but now fans will get a chance to read about his solo adventures.iron-fist-1-b

Ed Brisson (Secret Avengers, Secret Wars: Battleworld) and Mike Perkins (Carnage) will be working on the forthcoming book, while Jeff Dekar has been commissioned for covers. Iron Fist: The Living Weapon by Kaare Andrews was Danny’s previous book, which left off on the discovery of an island of people who know the myth of the Iron Fist.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Brisson jokes that he’s “been accused of being a sadist to my characters.” In that vein, the first arc of Danny’s story will be about finding his place now that K’un-Lun has been destroyed. On the bright side, despite his current self-doubt, “he’s always going to have his sense of humor about him.” Comedic timing is one of the best elements of David Walker’s Power Man and Iron Fist series, so it’s good to know that will continue in the new series as well. And humor won’t be the only tradition that’s carried forward, as Brisson hopes to expand on the mythology of K’un-Lun. “There are threads from both [Immortal Iron Fist and The Living Weapon] that will be followed up on,” he explained.

The writer has high praise for his artist, declaring that Mike Perkins “does great character work and has some serious storytelling chops.” The two of them together is a promise of quality, and should prove a great way to introduce new fans to the story before Netflix releases their first season.

Marvel’s Iron Fist #1 will be available on comic book shelves and online in March of 2017.