May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary On The May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Every month the Marvel Reporters assemble to share our solicitation commentary on what Marvel has coming out. This month we are discussing the Marvel Solicitations for May 2018 courtesy of our friends at Comic Frontline. This month we get Marvel’s Fresh New Start!

So check out the full solicitations, read what we have to say, then join the commentary and leave a comment with your thoughts!

Commentators:  Breeze, Dave, Jay, KatLouisTatiana

Editor: Jay


May 2018 Marvel SolicitationsMay 2018 Marvel Solicitations










AVENGERS #1 & #2

Breeze: Despite my frustration at these “not a relaunch” relaunches, I am so excited to see Jason Aaron on this title. I actually don’t normally read Avengers books but I will give this a try.

Jay: It’s about time they are picking up this story from Marvel Legacy #1. I hope the wait is worth it. I just hate these constant restarts to grab the Market share.

Kat: I’m weary on the whole “Fresh Start”concept. We’ve been burned before with these relaunches. I will give this series a try, but there isn’t anything that is wowing me with it yet.

Louis: This looks like a bold new start for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Plus the reunion of Cap, Iron Man, and Thor has me excited. Also the rest of the lineup looks awesome.

Tatiana: I think I can cover my disdain for the need to start all over by saying it just one: we don’t need new number 1s. That being said, I’m looking forward to Ghost Rider and She-Hulk joining the team, because those are characters who deserve more page time and series that won’t be cancelled.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: Second verse same as the first. I don’t see much changing here to be honest just instead of the nation Wakanda it will deal with the planet.

Kat: Black Panther didn’t need to be relaunched with the same creative team, but they are doing it to entice movie goers to buy the issue

Tatiana: I’ve been enjoying Ta-Nehisi Coates’ run because it really makes me feel like I’m getting to know Wakanda and its history better, so I’m glad he’ll still be on it. The idea of as yet undiscovered parts of Wakanda is pretty appealing, considering how secretive it is to the outside world. Now it’s secret even to those on the inside!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: I am Venomed out. We get it Marvel this is Venom’s 30th Anniversary and we are getting a movie, but ease off on Venom some! Seriouslly, we get it! With that being said I do like the creative team and the premise sounds interesting.

Kat: I never stay on Venom for too long, but I do really like this creative team.

Tatiana: I must admit I don’t know Donny Cates, so it’ll be interesting to see Eddie and Venom with a new writer. But I do love Ryan Stegman’s art, so I’m giving it a shot no matter what.


May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: I just read this solicitation 5 times and I am still not excited in the least by it. Event Fatigue?

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: I love the various Captain Marvels I actually have a fandom for all three on the cover, but come one man no Genis Vell? He is so over looked!

Kat: It should be interesting to see call the Captain Marvels showcased in this book.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: Ehhh ok? Again read the solicitation and nothing excites me about this.

Tatiana: I’ve got to admit that I find the notion of Matt Murdock defending Hell’s Kitchen from an Infinity Stone to be rather amusing. And since it’s not something I’m getting from the upcoming movie, I’m going to enjoy it in the comics instead.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: Now this, I am excited for, but not for the event, but for the character Darkhawk! Bring it on!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations
HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: Weapon Lost #1 (of 4)

Jay: God Marvel can’t even do something simple like bring back Wolverine, something we all knew was coming no they have to give us a series of one-shots, “post-credit scenes” and a string of mini-series to try do it. This mini is interesting only for the group assembled none have that huge connection to Wolverine.

Tatiana: Misty Knight alone has me onboard, so I am ready to see what Charles Soule brings to the table for her. I’m not usually a reader of Wolverine, but I’m always curious to see how they prepare for Logan’s return.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Breeze: Honestly a little overwhelmed by all these Hunt For Wolverine titles but I’ll read this one for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. (Why so many Marvel???)

Jay: WOW really? So none of them cared about his body when it was encased in adamantium and stolen, no the X-Men were the ones taking care of their own and now they have this deal? You are really reaching to get yet another mini-series to choke the wallets.

Kat: I’m excited for Tom Taylor to tackle these characters.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: When did Sabretooth change AGAIN? He should still be good because he did not revert back with the conclusion of Axis. I hate the lack of continuity at Marvel #ContinuityJay. Same thing with Daken. I thought they were Sabretooth and Daken not Sybil.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Dave: While I was just happy with Laura being the only Wolverine in the Marvel universe, I am not surprised to see Logan is returning. I knew he’d come back and I’m not the biggest fan of Wolvie and would’ve like to see his story have a permanent ending, that’s ok. This book, however, assembles a great team of X –Men together to try to find him. I’m interested to see how Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, and Jubilee work with Domino on this crazy mysterious mission.

Jay: This one I can at least see and get behind. These characters have a reason to look and a reason to be the ones looking. They have that connection. But, where is Jean? And why didn’t young Jean tell anyone about the adamantium shell?

Kat: Kitty is in the book, you know I will be getting it! I love her relationship with Wolverine.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: No one will die, Norman will be freed of the Carnage symbiote, believed to be dead but really alive and free to become the Green Goblin at a later time. I don’t like that there will be a slew of artists here. They can really mess up the big conclusion by throwing us out of the story with their various clashing styles all mixed together.

Kat: I can’t wait to see what stops Dan Slott will pull with his last Spidey story.

Louis: I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS! It’s no secret I’ve enjoyed Dan Slott’s run on Amazing Spider-Man. I have no doubt he can deliver one impressive finale to one of the most memorable Spider-Man runs.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: I will miss Duggan on Deadpool, he was the reason why I have actually been reading Deadpool, I been buying them, but I would read them here and there until Duggan made him readable.

Tatiana: I have a real soft spot for this Deadpool run, as he’s such a sadsack yet still manages to be hilarious. They’re hyping it as one last hurrah, so I’m guessing it’ll be rather bittersweet and I have to admit I don’t know which way they’ll go for the conclusion.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: Again another team up of artists in a book. I hope these are individual stories and not just selective pages. But at least 5 huge suprises? I am looking forward to see what Bendis pulls out for this issue.

Louis: This won’t be just Bendis’s final Iron Man issue but one of his final comics at Marvel. Bendis had an impressive career at Marvel Comics and I hope he can deliver an epic story before going to that other publisher.

Tatiana: Another farewell issue, this time from Bendis. I can’t wait to see how they send him off!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Breeze: A choose your own adventure Deadpool title? Why the heck not? I’m always up for weird things when it comes to Deadpool. I mean, is there any other way to write Deadpool?

Jay: I am totally down with this! This is really cool and a great way to bring something fun and different to the comics!

Tatiana: Not going to lie, this sounds like a lot of fun. I used to read plenty of those choose your own adventure stories as a child, and a more adult version of that is probably a blast. Not sure about the creative team, but I’m gonna give it a whirl.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: I am enjoying Waid’s run so far, but still haven’t found that hook yet for me, so hopefully it will come soon.

Louis: Looks like Mark Waid is keeping the future theme going. This will be interesting to see how Captain America’s legacy impacts the future MCU.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Breeze: I was not reading comics when this original run came out, so I have no idea why they’re bringing it back now. In theory the idea interests me, but I just don’t understand the timing.

Jay: I am interested in this! Come on the greatest minds!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: FINALLY! I get the conclusion! Beter make it good!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations












Jay: Could this be the end of the Amadeus Hulk? With Banner back as the “Savage Hulk” and Jen is once again the fun Hulk as “She-Hulk” where does Amadeus fit in? I wouldn’t mind if he loses the Hulk, if he can still be used some way, but I would prefer he stays as a Hulk but maybe change somehow?

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Do we need a Quicksilver book? Just bring him back, he is a team book character not a solo.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: I still haven’t felt Champions yet. I hope by the time this issue comes out I am.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: I like that they are giving Jane a tribute issue. Like or or love it, Jane impacted the Thor mythos so I am looking forward to this.

Kat: I’m excited to see what tribute Aaron will do for Jane.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations
VENOMIZED #5 (of 5)

Jay: Again with being over Venomized! I didn’t like the Poisons. Did anyone? It is a cool concept that came at us too aggressively and fell flat. So what do you do? If you’re Marvel you shove them down our throats with at least 2 more event appearances! Yeah enough Venom!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: I don’t mind this little throw back to the original timeframe, but do not use this as a test to see if you want to redirect the book and go 8 Years Ago.

Kat: But we’ve hardly touched the surface with “8 Years”. We already have a story going back to the old status quo.

Louis: Peter and MJ having a “just the two of us” vacation has a lot of potential. Also the idea of finding a sitter for Annie-May is an entertaining tale on its own.

Tatiana: As long as this actually does let Peter and Mary Jane have a little alone time, I’m all for it. Love Annie, but I do want to see a little more of their lives outside of parenthood.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: I see what they are trying to do with this book and as long as I get Ben Reilly I am good! Step up the game though. Also glad to see the rumors of his cancellation have been greatly exaggerated! Also glad he survived Mephisto.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: Let’s do the Time Warp Again! Didn’t we get this with the Spider-Man and Silk digital comic already?

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: I am looking forward to this issue and I want so bad for Bendis to go out strong on this book. Miles used to have a monthly spot in my top 5 until this latest run, Bendis lost that Miles Morales Magic, I hope he has just enough left in him to end this on the high not this character, his fans and Bendis deserves.

Louis: The finale to one of Bendis’s greatest characters. Whoever writes for Miles Morles next has some big shoes to fill.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Breeze: First thing I thought was: “Oh, well I guess Matt Murdock still isn’t dead.” Which is disappointing. But I love this newspaper-style cover. After this explosive Gwenom arc, I can’t wait to see what direction they take next.

Jay: This has me anticipating this issue now! This is how you do a solicitation! I read this and I am all over it! I want to know more I want the current issues now so I can get to this issue and I can not wait to read the fallout!

Kat: Oh damn that’s a big spoiler, but I can’t wait to see how this will unfold.

Tatiana: I would really appreciate it if she finally gets out from under the Kinpin’s thumb because there’s only so much I can take, please and thank you.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Again nothing here really grabs me to make me have to or even want to read this.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations
THE PUNISHER #224 & #225

Jay: About time someone steps in about this! I mean THE PUNISHER is using Rhodey’s armor!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: I am intrigued about this solicitation. This sounds like a good story something different and fun.

Louis: So Moon Knight fights some sort of chimera monster. Yeah that sounds about right, I’ll definitely read this.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: Just call the four. Fantasitc Four! Don’t need no more. Reed Richards is Fantastic, Sue can fade from sight. Johnny is the Human Torch. The Thing just loves to fight. Just call the four. FANTASTIC FOUR! Yeah bring them back already! Could Marvel 2-In-One be changing? Hopefully next month we get Fantastic Four #1 and Marvel 2-In-One #7 features a different pairing like the classic series did.

Kat: Looks like we may be getting the return of the Fantastic Four this month.

Louis: Sounds like the Fate of Four will be wrapping up in this issue. I really hope this series doesn’t end because I’ve been enjoying Johnny and Ben teaming up again. Hopefully this leads into an official return of the Fantastic Four.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations










DAREDEVIL #602 & #603

Jay: I am still not feeling this run yet, and this solicitation has sold me that by the time this one comes out I will be.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: Fate worst than death? I think Kat is going to cry, scream, yell, curse and be angry because it sounds like Julie is going to lose her powers.

Kat: I don’t want to see Julie hurt, but happy to see her getting some more panel time in the book.

Tatiana: Julie, are you okay? Are you okay, Julie? This description has me pretty worried about her… And yet I still want her and Karolina to break up so that the latter can date Nico.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: I wanted so much more from this book!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

OLD MAN HAWKEYE #5 (of 12)

Jay: I am really digging this book! I didn’t think an Old Man Hawkeye book could meet the standard the original Old Man Logan set, but it has!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Why is Bruno looking a little devious on this cover? Is Bruno should be the Betty, not the Veronica here!

Kat: I love the Archie homage!

Tatiana: Bruno’s back and everything’s beautiful. I refuse to lose him so soon after getting him back, so I hope Kamala chooses him and Red Dagger takes care of himself.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Ok, I am not sure what to think here LOL.

Tatiana: An escape room that will actually kill you sounds like the best horror plot twist ever, and I am beyond excited for whatever Ryan North and Erica Henderson throw my way. May the powers that be ensure they never leave Squirrel Girl, because Doreen and Nancy need them.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Marvel, can I just please get a true Doctor Strange book back? Why all of this price of magic, firendship with this new girl, weakened blah blah blah filler?! I just want to read a true Doctor Strange book period!

Louis: This sounds like a good jumping on point for readers who wanted to wait out Loki’s tenure as the Sorcerer Supreme.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: I am not sure what to think. I like that Marvel is doing something like this, comics used to participate in these things, but they are usually special issues not in the main title and are usually given away for free.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

LOCKJAW #4 (of 4)

Jay: I am over this already and it isn’t here yet.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: The best part of this is the Black Panther and Storm relationship history, I was a big fan of the pairing, just poorly executed.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Dave: I haven’t started this run yet but it is on my pull list and I’m looking forward to seeing where the returning Jean Grey takes this newly formed team of X-Men. How long can she remain stable before her inner turmoil lets loose on the world or at least on her friends? The roster is intriguing to say the least. Namor, Gentle, X-23 and Gabby, Nightcrawler, and newly created Trinary promises some crazy mixed up action!

Jay: Who is the old friend? Nightcrawler? Someone else? I NEED TO KNOW!!!! Oh and note to Marvel I see the Variant cover, and NO we DO NOT need a Jeanpool!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Breeze: This definitely should have been released sooner, but I’m glad they’re going back to fill in some of the gaps left after Resurrection because I HAVE QUESTIONS.

Dave: This story sounds like a nice collection of Jean reuniting with all her lost friends and that sounds like fun to me. Should be interesting to see her reconnect with her long lost friends and finding out what’s been going on in their worlds…since a lot has happened since she died and subsequently returned to the world of the living, again. Plus…GAMBIT! I’m a sucker for a Remy cameo.

Jay: YES!!!! Give me the emotional story, Tom Taylor excels at these stories! I want to see Jean deal with these things grieve those losses and meet the new faces! YES!!!!

Kat: This looks like it’s going to be a great character driven story for Jean.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

CABLE #157

Jay: YES! The return of Nate Grey, X-Man! Bring it on!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: This isn’t going to last, but I am interested in seeing Domino’s oppostie. Sue me I am a sucker for an opposite number.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: This solicitation sounds like a filler issue. There are no filler issues in a mini-series!!!!

Kat: This should be a fun issue, and I love Magik on the cover.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Breeze: I was already excited for this title, now they’re giving me a Peggy Carter Captain America and I’m over the moon. More Peggy Carter, always. Based on solicits and the creative team, I expect great things out of this title.

Jay: YESSSSS!!!!! Peggy looks AWESOME! I am in! Keep her around and you keep me around!

Kat: Peggy looks bad ass!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

X-MEN GOLD #27 & #28

Dave: I know it’s a classic couple and one of the Marvel’s most beloved romances but I’m not sure I’m ready for this wedding. I did love Kitty with Peter Quill, however short lived that relationship and engagement lasted. The other story in this run focuses on the same tried and true issue mutants have been dealing with since Uncanny X-Men #1…persecution and prejudice. Lydia Nance has become a great foil and villain that I love to hate.

Jay: Ok, we know the wedding is happening in X-Men Gold #30 so why try to make us believe that Peter is going to die? You better not do a body swap! I don’t want Kitty marrying 0101 disguised as Colossus.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Breeze: The fact this issue will include bachelor/bachelorette parties sounds like lots of wacky hijinks will ensue. It’s been a while since we got a good wedding special. They’re such a weird cheesy thing, but I love them.

Jay: I want a full on Hangover story with Kitty and her Bachelorette party!

Kat: Hopefully Kitty and Colossus can have a happy wedding!

Louis: If this were just another wedding issue I might’ve skipped it. However since this features the return of legendary X-Men writer, Chris Claremont, I’m definitely picking this up.

Tatiana: I’m actually not that invested in this romance, but I always look forward to comic book wedding issues because you never know what can go wrong. And after Guggenheim ruined my perfect Barry and Iris wedding (sorry for the DC talk!), I can’t wait to see what he cooks up for Kitty and Colossus. I’m also in it unironically for Kelly Thompson, who always delivers.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations










OLD MAN LOGAN #39 & #40

Jay: Could this be the beginning of the end of Old Man Logan? With Wolverine back it is a bit crowded.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Dave: I can’t express how delighted I’ve been by this mini-series. It’s been so long since Gambit has had a book that actually felt like Gambit. This story being told of their on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again romance is one of my favorites in all of comic books. Rogue’s tragic story of her abilities interfering with having a fulfilling relationship and Gambit’s villainous past getting in the way of their love…it’s turned this story into a fun little rom-com not to mention the artwork has been outstanding as well.

Jay: I really am liking this mini, so I am looking forward to seeing how it ends.

Tatiana: Now this is a romance I’m definitely invested in, and I loved the first two issues. I’m sure Kelly Thompson will wrap up this story in a very satisfying way.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations
LEGION #5 (OF 5)

Jay: Now this mini-series is ehhh so just reading it because I am a completist.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Dang you Taylor you hooked me on this story now!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


X-MEN BLUE #27 & #28

Jay: Ok save this book PLEASE! Bring Havok back to sanity. Bring back his X-Factor team and make that the new X-Men Blue team PLEASE!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Dave: Probably my favorite X-Men ongoing book right now. Charles Soule has woven a fantastic story with an unlikely grouping of X-Men together. I haven’t been fully onboard with the return of Xavier here, but I’m expecting something big to happen from all of this before this story is finished. In this penultimate issue Proteus vs Xavier on the psychic battlefield should prove to be an exciting war with Gambit, Rogue, Psylocke, Bishop, and Old Man Logan fighting with Xavier.

Jay: So this is the first story arc but we replaced the Shadow Master with Proteus? Is Professor X going to leave Fantomex undoing what the last arc done?

Louis: While I’m enjoying the return of Charles Xavier, this solicitation has me worried that every story arc will involve psychic battles.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

WEAPON X #17 & #18

Jay: I love this cover! Between the solicitation and the cover I am in!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: So having the power of the Hulk and Wolverine wasn’t enough huh?

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: This looks super fun!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: I love that they are taking these background characters and giving us a fun book.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Is the movie highly anticipated? Did the last Lando mini sell well? Marvel is sure throwing out a lot of Star Wars books, too many.

Tatiana: Considering that Lando Calrissian is the only thing I care about in the upcoming Solo film, I’m obviously going to check out his comic miniseries. Here’s hoping he has all the charm and daring on his live-action counterpart.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

Jay: They are not going to change the story and Make Luke in character so I have

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations











STAR WARS #47 & #48

Jay: Since Gillen took over Star Wars I haven’t been feeling it. It lost that spark it had in the beginning.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Bunn is on this, so I am interested in checking it out!

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: This book is night and day from the other series we had. This is what I wanted from a Darth Vader book! Can’t wait to see him lead a team of Inquisitors.

Louis: Darth Vader leading an army of Inquisitors, I’m in.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: Man this book has been solid but I find myself liking this Poe more than the one in The Last Jedi.

May 2018 Marvel Solicitations



May 2018 Marvel Solicitations


Jay: I really liked the first issue of this and can not wait to see how it plays out!



May 2018 Marvel Solicitations



Jay: I loved this story! But we just had a Wolverine month for True Believers, give us something else. This could have been a Kitty and Colossus month or someone else.

Kat: I have this book, but I don’t mind getting a reprint. It’s one of my favorite stories of all time!