The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the May 2017 Marvel Solicits

On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s May solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Jeremy, Tatiana, Josh, Jay

Editor: Kat


Kat – I’m not a huge Cap fan. So I haven’t decided if I want to invest in this event. I might get the first issue. but I haven’t decided.

Tatiana – I’m still iffy on the entire concept of making Steve Rogers loyal to Hydra, even if it’s due to the altering of reality. But I hope for the sake of the fans and of story continuity that this mini-series is cohesive, and that good will triumph over evil at least in fiction.

Jay – The closer we get to Secret Empire the more interesting it gets to me. I hope all of the build up is worth it.


Jay – Can you kill Cannonball? He’s an Eternal, unless they are retconning that.


Jay – This is interesting sounds, and his costume looks interesting as well, very cinematic.


Tatiana – Speaking of Secret Empire, Wade first crossed paths with the brainwashed Steve in last week’s issue. I thought Gerry Duggan did a remarkable job setting up the future conflict, and of incorporating Phil Coulson as well. I’ll be following the tie-in issues from Wade’s point of view for sure.


Kat – I’m personally not very interested in the Secret Empire event, and don’t know how to feel about this series tieing into an event so soon.

Jay – I hope Carol is more than just a background character this is her first major event after Marvel Officially declared her as a premiere hero within their universe


Kat – I’m excited to read this Inhumans team up book, but also don’t know how to feel about this tieing into Secret Empire with its first arc.

Tatiana – An Inhuman team led by Daisy Johnson? Say no more, I’m dead. I first fell in love with Quake when she was Skye on Agents of SHIELD, and now I will follow her wherever she goes.

Jay – This looks like an interesting team to pair up, so I am interested in seeing where it all goes.


Kat – It looks like Guardians of the Galaxy will becoming more of a cosmic book again, let’s see if this will be a positive or negative.

Jay – With all these Guardian related titles coming out this month, can you tell which movie comes out in May?


Kat – This looks cute, but with previous attempts I think they’ve proven that Groot doesn’t need his own series. He works better on a team.


Kat – I couldn’t think of a better writer on this title, Hopeless is always great at giving good character driven stories. I don’t think Jean Grey will be an exception.

Jeremy – Jean has always been my favorite member of the original X-Men and Hopeless has a really good voice for the character if his previous work is any indication. I am really looking forward to this series.

Jay – This has promise. I really wish they would just stop the teasing and bring back older Jean, she is my favorite female Marvel character.


Kat – Jubilee is the perfect X-Man to lead this team.

Jeremy – I really enjoyed the original Generation X. If you ask anyone who knows me they’ll tell you I’m not the biggest Jubilee fan by any means, but if this is really a group of loser X-Men students then I couldn’t think of a better leader. (Sorry Jubilee fans) All jokes aside the school was always one of the most interesting parts of the X-Men mythos and if this series is more character driven then I could see this having a ton of great story potential.

Tatiana – I’m looking forward to having a little more focus on Jubilee, who is an exciting character in her own right and too often relegated to sidekick status.

Jay – This premise is really cool. We always seen the school as learning to use powers or learning to be X-Men, this is adding in that diplomacy they never had.


Jay – A time jumping book? This is either going to be a hit or miss I don’t see people being on the fence with this.


Tatiana – Reading Saladin Ahmed’s interviews and explanations about his vision thus far has me pumped for the new series.I don’t know much about the Inhuman royal family, but everything I’ve read so far has me interested.

Josh – I’m a huge fan of Blackagar Boltagon and his rise to popularity through the MCU has only made me more fond of the Inhumans. Setting aside the MCU aspect, this is going to be well written series with Saladin Ahmed helming the project. No doubt he will bring his own personal touch to the Inhuman king and I, for one, will be waiting with open arms and an empty bank account.

Jay – I always liked Black Bolt, but I am not sure he needs his own book.


Kat – Glad to see Luke Cage getting some spotlight with his own title.

Jeremy – I’m a long time big Luke Cage fan as well as a fan of David Walker as a writer. He has proven time and time again that he is a great character writer and he’s demonstrated great skill with weaving great social commentary into his stories. I also like it whenever Marvel heroes explore outside of NY. Fans have seen that Walker can handle Luke in his modern superhero role, but I’m expecting a much more raw Luke for this ongoing. If you can’t already tell I’m looking forward to this series.

Tatiana – I’m loving Power Man & Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones is breaking my heart, but I’m more than ready to follow Luke on a solo adventure. And David F. Walker hasn’t let me down yet!

Josh – Aside from the awesome variant cover making him look like Sherlock Holmes, this book genuinely looks very interesting. I love when our heroes up and move to another city for a change of scenery and Luke Cage in NOLA couldn’t be more perfect. As long as the writers do a great job of including the New Orleans culture, this book should be a hit and must read.

Jay – Luke Cage sounds AWESOME! Cage was too goofy and too much of a parody for me I am hoping they get this right!


Jay – This book started out strong, but I think it has turned from Champions to Social Justice Champions. They need to pull back on the PSA approach and give me some Champions.


Jay – Doom on the Avengers this is worth a pick up for that alone!


Kat – Odinson has returned! I hope this means we will get some good interactions between Jane and Odinson.

Jay – How the mighty have fallen. I just want more from this title.


Jeremy – This is the fight I’ve been waiting for ever since this series was announced. The Maker Vs. Victor Von Doom Iron Man. I am beyond hyped. I’ve loved this series so far and can’t wait to see this.

Jay – Can’t wait to see this play out!


Jay – I am digging this title a lot! I think this is the best Clint has been in years.


Kat – It looks like the whole first arc has been leading to this issue!

Jeremy – This is it guys the entire first arc has been building up to this moment. Hulk is honestly my favorite series from the current Marvel Now line. This is my most anticipated book out of everything listed in these solicits.

Tatiana – Jen’s been trying to keep herself from turning for the most part, which makes for an interesting character exploration but also reduces the amount of action we see on the page. The suggestion that she’s going to start giving in a little more has me interested – I just hope it doesn’t end in disaster for the poor woman.

Jay – The most anticipated book for me 6 months now and I can not wait for Jen to unleash the beast!

VENOM #150

Jay – About time! We all knew it was going to be Eddie, I don’t know why we had to get Lee Price in the meantime.


Kat – Hope we can see a more multi-layered villain/character in this series.

Jay – As a Ben Reilly fan honestly this title has me scared but I hope by the second ars he turns around.


Jay – The Osborn Identity has me so interested! I always love Norman Osborn as a character, I am glad to see the focus being shifted from Green Goblin to Norman.


Kat – I love seeing new familiar characters introduced to this universe!

Jay – Yes! More Earth-65 building! Love It!


Kat – This X-Men related story still looks like a lot of fun!

Jay – I am interested to see the world around the Parkers, so this is a big win for me.


Kat – I need a very Bruno adventure! He has been missed, and glad to see a whole issue focusing on his own adventures.

Tatiana – Bruno! I want you back. Please stop being mad at Kamala and come back home. Even if he stays in Wakanda, though, I look forward to reading about his experiences and angsting over the lost friendship between him and Kamala.

Jay – YES! We need Bruno back! He brings heart to Ms. Marvel.


Jay – This is the only Inhumans book I really need!


Tatiana – Mosaic is truly my favorite discovery of the Inhumans vs. X-Men conflict, since I had never read him before that. Now I’m definitely going to be catching up on his series.

Jay – Spider-Woman gets a quiet cancellation but this is still a thing?


Jay – I love Lunella she is one of the biggest surprise hits from Marvel for me.


Jay – I am liking Kei more and more.


Josh – I have collected every issue put out by Ta-Nehisi Coates and I will continue to do so for as long as he is writing for Marvel. His acute awareness of social issues allows him to probe the Black Panther like few before him. Even better, he’s putting his soul into these issues because of what the character meant to him. Anytime you can get a book written by someone with a passion for the product, it usually ends up being gold and that’s the case with Coates’ Panther.


Tatiana – Seeing as I’m all about Yona Harvey’s work and I love Misty Knight more than life itself, I can’t wait to check out this one.

Josh – My reasoning for picking up this issue is the same as the reason for picking up the main series. Coates is expanding and trying new things with the Black Panther and they’ve been a joy to read. Misty Knight only adds to the series with her presence and it’s going to be pure joy watching Panther and Knight sort out their problems.


Josh – I’m really enjoying this throwdown between Frank, Condor, and his old friend Olaf. Becky Cloonan has done a remarkable job with this series. While I’m not overly fond of the art stylings, the story is simply incredible. It’s everything you’d expect from a Punisher story, plus a few things you may not expect.


Kat – Glad to see that this series is already forming a supporting cast.

Tatiana – America Chavez rushing in to save her girlfriend? This is what dreams are made of. And I’ll be sure to buy the variant cover with Ramon Villalobos’ work, because it speaks to my heart.


Tatiana – Marvel sure knows how to hook me with these solicits. Gwen Poole and Kate Bishop teaming up is like chicken soup for my soul.


Tatiana – And the crossover characters stay amazing. Kate working with her personal PI heroine Jessica sounds like a fun ride for both her and for me.

X-MEN GOLD #3 & 4

Kat – I’m really glad to see that this series is going back to basics.

Jay – Classic line-ups I can not wait to get my hands on this and X-Men Blue.


Kat – Looks like Gabby will be getting a costume of her own.


Josh – This is a series you pick up for the laughs, the death, and the combat. It’s basically like reading an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but with more laughs and more one-liners. Frank and Wade are the two most brutal heroes the Marvel Universe have to offer and it’s only time they squared off.