The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the November 2017 Marvel Solicits

On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s November solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Louis, Tatiana, Scooter, Jay   

Editor: KatNovember 2017


Kat – I’m not the biggest Captain America fan, but if any creative team can get me invested in his story – it’s Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.

Louis – Mark Waid returns to Captain America. If there’s one writer who can bring some optimism back to the title, it’s him.

Scooter – This cover says so much. That left side montage of Cap putting his gear back on is a beauty. I’m glad to see him finally coming back in red, white and blue, instead of green and yellow! So excited!

Jay – For the first time in years I am optimistic about Captain America again, he is my favorite Marvel character, what can I say I love the “boy scout” characters.

November 2017


Kat- It looks like Bombshell has switched sides. Interested to see how that story develops.

Louis – Miles gets his own Sinister Six. I’m intrigued by the Iron Spider’s identity and if he has a connection to Miles.

Scooter – What is this? Spider-Man finally getting his own Rogue’s Gallery? One of the things that I think has been hurting some of the newer characters is a lack of their own new villains. Spider-Man in his own book has been fighting against people like Hammerhead and Black Cat, Peter Parkers old folks. But now, Miles is getting his own Sinister Six! This will be great!

Jay – The Sinister Six is a staple and it is cool to see Miles getting initiated by fire with his own Sinister Six, and I like that they are doing the new villains as members and how Iron Spider is in it, almost the Doc Ock of the group.


Kat – As a big Spider-Girl Mayday Parker fan I’m not sure how to feel that Annie is going to be a teenager now. What makes Annie and Mayday different besides red hair?

Tatiana – I’m looking forward to seeing what Jody Houser brings to the story, and the fact that we’re jumping forward 8 years is intriguing indeed. High school brings a whole host of new problems for Annie to deal with – and by extension for Peter and Mary Jane to handle. Hope there’s a colorful cast of characters equivalent to Spiderman’s own high school years.

Jay – Come on! This is Mayday, without being Mayday! Just say what happened in Spider-Verse was wiped clean through the Secret Wars rebuilding the Multiverse and bring back Spider-Girl with her parents and her brother Benjy.


Jay – I love Ben Reilly, as you all know by now, and I love the Slingers! I loved the original disguises of Spider-Man and how new heroes picked up the mantles and joined together to form a new team so looking forward to this!


Jay – I am excited for this, Peter has had it too good lately so the Parker Luck is going to bite him HARD!


Louis – Wilson Fisk is the mayor of New York City. Matt Murdock always had the law on his side but now it’s in the hands of his greatest enemy. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Jay – This was an easy call once you seen how Fisk was in Secret Empire. This could be really cool like Lex Luthor running and becoming the President.


Scooter – Have you read Secret Empire #7? Stop and go read it now, and you’ll see how and why the Punisher is becoming War Machine. The title fits the man, and while I know we all miss Rhodes, I’m sure that with the kind of pain and suffering Punisher can bring, he will do the suit bloody justice.

Jay – WOW Frank Castle with the War Machine Armor I AM SOLD!

SHE-HULK #159 

Kat – I’m glad that Mariko Tamaki is still on this book, I think she will be able to make a smooth transition from Hulk to She Hulk. And I’m happy that it still looks like the story will focus on Jen being her greatest enemy.

Louis: I want to give this series a try after people have been saying positive things of the current Hulk title.

Tatiana – The cover already suggests a very different trajectory from the thus far almost lowkey story for Jen, but it makes sense given that her Hulk powers have warped into less rational ones. I only hope Mariko Tamaki keeps up the excellent introspection amidst the higher stakes and action.

Jay – I can not wait to see this Jen Vs The Leader!


Scooter – I’m honestly not sure with where they are going with some of these numbers, because I don’t remember Strange ever having a run that went 380 issues, but regardless, this continues to be one of Marvel’s undisputed best books, with some of the best creativity. I’m looking forward to it.

MOON KNIGHT #188 & 189

Louis: The last two Moon Knight titles have been awesome. Really hope this new one continues the trend.

Jay – I hope this time around we get to see MOON KNIGHT Not the suit that was going around with him caught in his own mind/D.I.D. and a nemesis sounds sweet!


Scooter –  Who is this on the cover? I have some ideas, but I won’t give them away just yet. Great run, and continuing to do great things.

Jay – Sounds interesting!


Louis – I’m willing to give this issue a shot since it has the Human Torch and the Thing together again. Hopefully this will lead into the return of the Fantastic Four.

Tatiana – Lunella joining forces with the Human Torch? A visit from Silver Surfer? This arc sounds like it will be a fun clash of worlds, and I can’t wait to see Lunella butt heads with these guys.

Jay – Not sure about this, remeber H.E.R.B.I.E.? It doesn’t do well LOL.


Louis – I hope Rich Rider and/or Sam Alexander make an appearance in this book since it involves the Nova Corps.

Tatiana – The current Guardians run has been a wonderful surprise, and I am happy to follow whatever new journey they take us on, even if the legacy numbering and title changes are throwing me off a bit.

Jay – This is for the movie, but could be interesting.


Scooter – I love the look of these legacy text styles and art. Thanos has been another series where every issue is superb. I’m glad to see it continuing and I can’t wait to see what comes of this issue.


Tatiana – Secret Warriors is such an underrated comic, and one I hope garners more attention and sales before it goes away. Mister Sinister dealing with Inhumans instead of X-Men for one is an interesting way to go, and I hope it’s handled well.


Jay – Shame this is a one-shot, I miss


Kat – Give me more Power Pack! It’s been too long since Marvel has explored these characters. The Power Pack aren’t the youngest heroes anymore, what do their growing pains look like? Especially for youngest member Katie Power.

Jay – Excited for the return of the Power Pack!


Jay – Not sure about CM Punk, but I am all for more Shang-Chi! But with the other ones, I have to ask:Why do you add a legacy number for a one-shot?


Tatiana – I’ve never read a Silver Sable comic, but she’s always inspired me with a spark of curiosity. I’ll definitely be checking this issue out, and I hope that the new series takes a creative turn and it’s just meant to promote an eventual film.


Tatiana – Considering that the Champions were formed as a reaction to the Avengers, I’m very interested in seeing them team up and face off again. Plus, the Vision cover is pulling at my heartstrings – his relationship with Viv is so ironically emotional.

Jay – I am looking forward to this team-up!


Jay – I am so excited about the return to Planet Hulk with Cho being on the other side than Banner was on.


Kat – The death of Jane Foster has begun, this should be a huge arc for Marvel! One of my most anticipated Marvel Legacy titles.

Jay – This story could be EPIC, I am really looking forward to this one!


Jay – An interesting pairing I hope we get some good development for this Patriot.


Tatiana – I’m ready to search for Tony Stark as long as this doesn’t erase Riri from the story. Also, I will never understand Mary Jane now being in his orbit, but I will take that over not seeing her in any main universe comic.

Jay – I am wondering how this will play out.

VENOM #157 & 158

Jay – Kraven Vs Venom = AWESOME


Kat – I’m not feeling the romance between Mockingbird and Spidey. I didn’t really see their chemistry in previous issues.

Louis – I have mixed feelings about Spider-Man and Mockingbird as a couple. It doesn’t feel like Spider-Man should be dating other superheroes.

Tatiana – Peter and Bobbi Morse? All I can say to that is…. Why? Well, if it means Mockingbird gets to stick around in a comic series full-term, I’ll accept it. Otherwise it just seems like another cheap relationship stunt.

Jay – I think Dan Slott has been at a stand still with Peter, I hope this is the turning point.


Kat – I can’t wait for Gwen’s internal battle with this arc. This whole volume of Spider-Gwen has been leading up to this moment.

Jay – GWENOM!!!! FINALLY!!!!!


Kat – One of Jessica Jones’ biggest villains returns and now Jessica’s family is also included in the mix.

Louis – So Killgrave’s back and he kidnapped baby Danielle. Sounds like Jessica Jones is going to enter full Mama Bear mode.

Tatiana – Kilgrave is back and Danielle is in danger? I’m properly terrified and will now that nightmares until the issue’s out, thanks!

Jay – The solicitation says it all, Killgrave has Danielle, Good God!


Kat – It looks like this series continues to be a slow burn, and looking more and more like the Netflix TV shows.

Jay – I think this is what the Defenders need.


Kat- I might pick up Captain Marvel again for an arc that digs deeper into Carol’s family and her past.

Jay – This sounds like the Mirror Universe for Carol? That could be interesting.


Tatiana – After a few early bumps in the road, America has found its footing and I’m glad to see Gabby Rivera coming into her own as a comic writer. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for one of my favorite characters!


Jay – This is a great concept looking forward to it!


Kat – Looks like Tom Taylor will be giving a very powerful character driven story with the return of Daken in Laura’s life.

Scooter – Laura meeting back up with Daken her sorta brother? Interested to see what happens here and with these X-faces. Though I’m a few issues behind in reading, I will be catching up in time for this issue to when it comes out.

Jay – I am excited about this, Tom Taylor is killing it with All-New Wolverine!


Jay – Mojo World looks like it could be fun, so looking forward to see how they all handle it, the character moments will make or break this.


Jay – I love me some Negative Zone adventures!


Kat – I like that the series is finally touching upon the heroes’ other timeline head on.

Jay – Time cops? My ears are open, tell me more!!!!


Kat – Jean is still preparing for the Phoenix? Well at least we get a great telepathic battle between Jean and Emma.

Jay – PSYCH WAR is here and I am stoked! I am a huge fan of Jean, she is my all-time favorite female character of the Marvel Universe, and I have been wanting her to take Emma down since she stole her man, so bring it on!


Tatiana – Comic book characters making comics of their own sounds like the most bonkers thing imaginable – and I mean that in the best way, of course. I can always count on Ryan North and Erica Henderson to brighten my day with their Squirrel Girl issues.


Kat – A Laura/Kate team up, sign me up!

Tatiana – Hawkeye’s team ups have so far made for excellent storytelling material, and I’m sure Laura Kinney will be no different.


Jay – Ummm I read the first issue, I know how this ends.


Tatiana – Kareem (Red Dagger) made a great impression when he appeared in issue #12, so I very much look forward to his next appearance. Thankfully, Ms. Marvel hasn’t let me down yet. I do miss Bruno, though.

Jay – This has my curiosity peaked

Runaways #3

Kat – It looks like it’s going to take a few issues before the whole team is back together, but I can’t wait to see Karolina in a college setting and happy.

Jay – YES RUNAWAYS!!!!!!!


Jay – Husk Returns! I love the Guthrie Clan!

WEAPON X #11  

Jay – I hope we haven’t seen the last of Amadeus!

STAR WARS #38 & #39 

Jay – Gillen and Star Wars never mixes right for me, so I am disappointed here.